Cosmos community in China

I knew very few materials or documents about Cosmos ecosystem in Chinese. Althouth some CEXs built the chains using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core,they didn’t contribute for the ecosystem.Few people here know about Cosmos. Most pepole in crypto space of China even think Cosmos Hub equals whole Cosmos ecosystem.So me and my colleagues started to build some Chinese content on last month.And I hope more develpers build something using this technology and more people here know about this amazing ecosystem.


I am a phd student majored in blockchain especially cross-chain and very glad to join it !
how to join this activity?

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Are you guys in Shanghai? I am a Cosmos developer here (started a few months ago).

BTW, it seems impossible to join the cosmos dev discord, as

  1. from China a VPN is required to access Discord and
  2. The “Double Counter” “protection” bots from Discord will forbid you to join,
  3. The staff tell you to ask someone from within the group already to may be ask someone to authorize you…

If someone reads this could help, it would be great.

@catdotfish - is this an issue that you’re aware of? Anything we can do to help?

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I’m sorry about that I missed your msg. You could follow our official twitter : @0x_atom_crypto and our discord channel and Mirror account :infinet.eth
Welcome to the Cosmos famalily.

HI, you could follow our official Twitter accounts : @0x_atom_crypto and join our discord group . Our community member could help you .

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