Cosmos Hub 1Q/2Q Roadmap for Interchain Utilities


  • Stargate upgrade is around corner
  • IBC will be available once IBC enabling governance proposal is passed
  • ETH peggy is almost PoC ready by Althea
  • AMM is almost PoC ready by B-Harvest

Vision of Cosmos Hub ?

  • We know that the vision of “Cosmos Network” is million of blockchains
  • But, in our definition of IBC, Cosmos Hub is not the only one hub for such million blockchains
  • Cosmos Hub needs to accumulate its own functionalities to actively acquire the position of the most important “Hub Network” of entire blockchain space
  • If we are being too lazy about building the detailed actionable vision of Cosmos Hub, Atom will lose its “Hub” position by lots of interchain utility focused networks

Foreseeable Interchain Utilities of Cosmos Hub

  • With working IBC, ETH peggy, and AMM soon, the most obvious core functionality of Cosmos Hub is “Interchain AMM”, which is possible via all of above three functions
  • Technical side is almost done for these modules
  • Now what we need is a strong business plan to
    • Make those modules as stable as possible for production use
    • Planning of Hub adoption with very powerful community orchestration and leadership
    • Attract users and capital from external crypto community by any mean
    • Provide super intuitive and convenient web interface of the utilities for potential users

Weakness of Business Plan : Huge Risk on Atom

  • We observe that most human resources are invested on developing the functionalities
  • Obvious relative weakness of Cosmos Hub community is lack of strong business plan to deliver mega-hit end-client application, and strategies to attract massive userbase
  • These characteristics are caused by
    • Lack of focused business planning for Cosmos Hub and Atom utility by AiB and ICF, who are the biggest holders of Atom
    • Decentralized characteristic of the Cosmos Hub community
  • In result, several venture capitals including Polychain, Multichain are exiting Atom for several months

Fixing the Problem and Proceed with Strong Plans

  • So I request all ecosystem participants of Cosmos Hub to gather all of their plans and thoughts right now
  • So that we can have clear view on what/by whom/when/how each important business plans can be delivered in responsible manner
  • Atom holders can have more trust on Cosmos Hub vision when we can observe such detailed plans and commitment to each responsibility
  • Information is spread over AiB, ICF, and other entities around our ecosystem, and there exists very weak effort to integrate such information and plans in one place

Starting Planning with AMM by B-Harvest

  • [1/13] UnifiDAO Demo Day : Demonstrate AMM user flow with prototype web interface and actually operating testnet. We also publicly operate AMM testnet and its web interface right after this event.
  • [2/28] AMM V1.0 Production Ready : The codebase for Liquidity Module will be completely ready for production except for minor rebase for new Gaia Cosmos-SDK versions. At this point, we will also submit a governance proposal to integrate the Liquidity Module to Gaia(Cosmos Hub)
  • [March/April] Cosmos Hub Adoption : We will continuously closely working with Cosmos-SDK developers and AiB to successfully adopt Liquidity Module on Cosmos Hub. If there is no delay in IBC adoption process for Cosmos Hub, we expect that Liquidity Module will be ready to be used on Cosmos Hub no later than April. At launch, both AiB and B-Harvest will provide web interface for AMM users.
  • [Afterwards] AMM V2.0 : B-Harvest will keep working on improving AMM and adding additional features on AMM to expand its utilities and maximize its efficiency. AMM V2.0 will be ready to launch 2021 3Q.

What We Want to Clarify Further…

  • Production plans and commitment for ETH Peggy on Cosmos Hub
  • Web interface commitment for ETH Peggy on Cosmos Hub
  • Web interface commitment for IBC Transfer
  • More aggressive and coin-incentivized marketing plans for each functionalities
  • Big figure partnership for early adoptions of new functionalities on the Cosmos Hub
  • Existing plans and schedules within AiB and ICF regarding Cosmos Hub functionalities for end-users

Next Step

  • If we have something missing for this important list of business plans, we need to create the plans right now because this is only several months away.
  • Right amount of human resources, capital, smart plans and strategies should be invested for successful debut of Cosmos Hub functionalities for end-users. This does take serious time.