Cosmos Hub and ATOM - Interchain Money

Cosmos Hub

In my opinion, Cosmos Hub should have at least its own DEX, where all the liquidity from Cosmos is paired in ATOM and also should have its own NFT marketplace, where all the Interchain NFTs are priced in ATOM.

There are too many chains which drains value from ATOM instead of bringing value to it.
I would merge at least Stargaze, Osmosis and Neutron into one super app which will represent Cosmos Hub, called The Hub. Do not get me wrong, I love both Stargaze and Osmosis, Osmosis is by far the best DEX I have ever used, but long term I do not think it is useful for Cosmos Hub vision.

ATOM - Interchain Money

If ATOM will become “The Interchain Money”, then all the liquidity within Interchain should be paired in ATOM and all NFTs within Interchain should be also priced in ATOM.

When ATOM is used everywhere within Interchain, then you will have also a solution to inflation and you may consider implement a burning mechanism.

I don`t see how the vision with the Cosmos Hub being a Port City from the whitepaper comes to reality, if Cosmos Hub has no marketplace, where you can trade everything.

All blockchains built using Cosmos SDK should provide liquidity to Cosmos Hub by offering a small percentage of supply.

This is my view on Cosmos Hub and ATOM token, I have a substantial amount of ATOM and I would love to reach its true potential but I think sacrifices needs to be made in order to truly become “The Interchain Money”.

I am curious to hear what you have to say about it and to listen to your opinions.

This is my first post on this forum and English is my second language.

Thank you!


The initial setting of atom may be the stable currency mentioned outside. The vision is that COSMOS is not atom.
20% 20% 20% 20% 10% You should be able to see this annualized support rate
Clearly something has changed this year (10%)

It makes sense to merge several projects to use atom pricing. For example, merging with STRD can expand DEFI’s usage, merging with Neutron can serve as atom’s smart contract chain, and the two can serve as atom’s left-hand and right-hand chains (but the merger cannot persuade community consent)

ATOM - Interchain Currency
I think this should be impossible. This is not the rule of atom, otherwise it would have changed long ago

There is lack of vision, or the vision is not clear and you can see it in ATOM price.

I do not know how many of you saw the movie Dune Part Two, but I think someone should drink the Water of Life, then the vision will become clear.

These are the two best possible futures for ATOM/Cosmos Hub:

  1. Cosmos Hub reaches its true potential by merging few chains into it (Osmosis, Stride, Neutron, Stargaze) and onboarding their developers

  2. ATOM become Cosmos and there is no Cosmos Hub anymore, just Cosmos, and all other chains are part of Cosmos.

There are chains built using Cosmos SDK but they pretend that are not part of Cosmos. This should not be allowed to happen, if they don`t want to be part of Cosmos, they should not use Cosmos SDK.

ATOM - Interchain Currency should not be impossible, the rules are meant to be broken.

The need for this would increase in the future, but it is challenging logistically. For reference, you can check last year’s discussion of the Stride merger into Hub.

That there are too many tokens - that is true. But the whole point of Cosmos is the appchain thesis or a different chain for each app. This has important security implications - you are never worried that another app can steal your holdings like in Ethereum because the apps are technically separated. Merging different apps into the hub introduces Ethereum like risks and nobody wants that. Shared security is the way to go and technically we haven’t explored all aspects of shared security yet to reach some form of a verdict.

As far as too many tokens, the issue now isn’t the other Cosmos tokens. The issue is memecoins on Solana, modularity and other narratives at which investors are throwing money at. I, myself, don’t get the point of modularity at all - who the hell needs L2s other than ETH maxis. The whole modularity thing (Celestia) is aimed to throttling the success of Cosmos app chain thesis. The Ethereum folks are bad faith operators, Nazi level propaganda aimed at other chains non-stop. And they seem to be doing a good job sucking up 90% of the money in the alt-coin space. Eventually the modularity narrative will die out as well.

As far as the price of ATOM is concerned - there is always the issue of inflation. If the token supply grows more than the economic utilization of the hub - the price will go down. As it stands right now, that is the case. We need to see whether PSS and Babylon bring higher utilization of the Hub in the winter before we cut inflation further. I think it makes sense for inflation min/max to be set to 3.5%-7% if ATOM price continues to be below $10 on Dec 31st. But right now we have low summer liquidity conditions so I wouldn’t want to overreact to the now customary May-June alt coin selloffs.