Cosmos Hub Education Funding


  • Don Cryptonium is Cosmos ecosystem focused content creator and validator that started validating the Cosmos Hub in 2022 itself.
  • We seek 1800 ATOM as one time payment as the support for archiving podcast clips focused on cosmos ecosystem. On top I commit to creating a short video serie that educates on cosmos IBC and it’s ecosystem (5-10 videos).
  • Inspired by the Cosmic Validator, who are trail blazers of the space who pave the path for content creators like us, to get funding and be able to sustain providing community with high quality content. We are truly privileged to be able to create content for community that supports not only it’s developers but also those who spread to good name of cosmos.

Don Cryptonium

I am content creator that is focused on bringing education and podcasts focused on the cosmos ecosystem.

For over 10 years I have been educator making online courses on subject of photoshop. My deep experience in that field allows me to produce high quality information and educational content for the cosmos ecosystem.

I am proud of the fact that since the market sentiment shift, Don Cryptonium continues producing equal amount of educational videos as well as the discussions of the current state of the ecosystem.

I have produced over 120 videos since Jun 2022 alone, and over 60 podcasts in the same period of time!

Which is more than other cosmos YouTube creators combined!


The Don Cryptonium is cosmos focused videos project, at the time of writing this proposal, has no funding such as grants or sponsors. Funding would ensure that we could produce high quality videos on cosmos ecosystem for its benefit educating existing and new members of community.

Work already produced

Since the launch of the project in March 2021 a total of 440 videos have already been delivered.

Don Cryptonium channel is not only producing informative videos on the ecosystem such a tutorials, proposal discussions, events. But also is first channel who gave platform to validators, small creators and app builders.

Below are example of live chats:

Below are some examples of educational/in-depth videos:

Proposal details

The Cosmos ecosystem, with the launch of IBC, has grown significantly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the important developments and updates. While news is shared on several platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Blogs and others, the information is very spread and usually challenging for stakeholders to find it and avoid missing some important updates. Some projects exist trying to gather and putting together the main news, however these are mostly news headlines without in-depth assessments or educational content.

Keeping Cosmos stakeholders aligned and informed about important developments in areas such as governance, new technical features, project launches and upgrades or conferences is important and helps to have more constructive discussions.

Our goal with the Cosmos ecosystem news videos is to both educate and keep the broad Cosmos ecosystem community and stakeholders well informed, as well as helping to onboard new users to the ecosystem and increase the awareness about the advantages of building with Cosmos tech.


The funds will be used to extract clips from hundreds hours of interviews. There is huge amount of clips with ecosystem builders that could be extracted and used as open source materials for any project and any builder in cosmos in their own social media channels.

While Don Cryptonium will continue producing high quality podcasts and educational videos on his channel.

Funding amount

Total amount requested: 1800 ATOM for an initial period of 6 months, with a renewal if all deliverables are completed.

This corresponds to roughly 16 000 USD and covers the production costs of ecosystem news videos, tutorials and podcasts, including research and content preparation, filming and the required equipment, video design, editing and additional operational costs.

Governance votes

The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal:

YES - You agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus wish to fund Don Cryptonium’s work
NO - You don’t agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus do not agree to fund Don Cryptonium’s work
NO WITH VETO - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.
ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to the quorum but formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.


You copy and pasted the voting options from another prop.

Also, do you have a large team? It seems like you will not be able to deliver these clips, as this is excruciating work for a small team.


So you will be requesting 6000 atom for 6 months? I think you need to request a one time payment and just stake the tokens for constant rewards.

I think you’ve accomplished a lot and you will have to change your style a little bit…
Your style is great but in order for this funding to be justified. We need a more positive don cryptonium.

I think we’ve seen a lot of improvements and your content is also very entertaining; you are always up to date & speak on the latest news.

Since this proposal will be on chain forever soon. Just want you to know that this is a serious proposal and if this request Passes. You have to do a really good job and make a big improvement don. You will be forever on chain, it will be historic, and you will be representing cosmos…

Good luck don cryptonium, you have my vote.


Noticed the cosmic validator at the end haha

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Thank you very much Joe for feedback. It should be fixed by now.

I must say me and my team working like a dogs 16 hours a day, i know it might seem impossible to deliver such quantities of high quality content. But as i said, we are here to help community.

I understand it would be fair to request more but it is the minimum that we believe should be asking for.

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Hey Nick thanks a lot! I just changed it to one time payment.

I understand concerns about style but i request funding for only non opinionated videos that are tutorials and podcasts, as well as extraction of the clips that will serve as public good for any community and project out there :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Would you be willing to share some YouTube studio data so that the community can make an informed decision?

Also, I think it would go a long way if you promise to use at least 5% of the funding to reward viewers who are engaging with your content


Thank you for submitting this proposal to the Cosmos community for funding to create content related to the Cosmos ecosystem. I appreciate the volume and variety of content that Don Cryptonium has produced.

As I consider this proposal, I have a few points from the proposal that I would like Don Cryptonium to clarify:

  • It is not clear that Don Cryptonium is a multi-person company. The proposal states that Don Cryptonium is a content creator company focused on the Cosmos ecosystem. Still, it does not provide any information about the size or makeup of the company. Could you provide more information about the size and capabilities of Don Cryptonium?
  • The proposal mentions that Don Cryptonium has produced over 120 videos and 60 podcasts since June 2022, but does not provide any information about the quality of these resources. Could you provide more information about the quality of the infrastructure used by Don Cryptonium (e.g. equipment, software, etc.)?
  • Could you provide a breakdown of how the requested funding of 6,000 ATOMs would be spent, including details on the expected value this investment will bring to the Cosmos ecosystem?

Answering these questions would help me better understand the resources available to Don Cryptonium and the expected impact of the proposed content. This will allow me to make an informed decision about whether to provide funding for the project. Thank you again for your proposal and commitment to creating high-quality content for the Cosmos community.



-With respect to deliverables, would you be so kind as to expand on the metrics that will be used? For example, is it the number of clips extracted from prior videos? Please be more specific.
-Additionally, using ‘could be extracted’ is vague. Would you please considering revising this?

Governance votes

The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal:

YES - You agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus wish to fund Don Cryptonium’s work
NO - You don’t agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus do not agree to fund Don Cryptonium’s work

-would you consider changing the NO portion of the vote to say something along the lines of “You either do not agree that educating and keeping Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and/or do not agree to fund Don Cryptonium’s work”? Some stakeholders may agree that education and updates are important, but would not want to fund the work provided by you/your team. This may be a way to keep stakeholders better aligned which was stated as important in the 2nd paragraph of Proposal details

Thank you for your time and effort. I look forward to further discussion of this proposal.


Absolutely, I would show all the effort that goes into preparing my studio. And yes this is very interesting idea of sharing 5% of funding with my audience by providing them with contests that engage community. Beautiful idea Joe.

Hi Hodor,

Yes of course I can elaborate. As of now I have over 100 hours of podcast episodes with various ecosystem builders such as Zaki Manian, Sunny Aggarwal and many others. Unfortunately because those podcasts are long, a lot of great lessons from this accomblished builders are missed by audience.

I propose extracting all that (over 100 of clips), that can be used as open source by any project if they wish in their own socials. On top i will continue providing podcasts and education, so it will be continuous work.

I think this NO vote definition is just perfect and it is used from similar proposal that was on the hub.

Thank You!

Hello Rarma,

Thank you for taking your time and sharing your feedback. This is indeed very valuable!

Regarding the work and the team, I personally work 16 hours a day researching and recording, together with my assistant. On top I also have the person that is helping me with the clips right now.
I am also using the advices of freelance consultants that help me with ideas and marketing of the content.

The funding could allow me to scale even better and hire another person to help with production.

Regarding equipment, To record videos I am using full frame camera, lighting and microphone to ensure high quality audio.

I have 10 years of experience with adobe software such as premiere pro and photoshop where I edit my videos. I use my long experience in the post production industry to ensure only the highest quality content.
Please reefer to:

I have similar experience in making high quality educational videos on the subject of photoshop. Which shows me and my team are right people to educate others on the great potential of cosmos ecosystem.
Please reefer:

Thank you for your feedback, I will include my experience as the educator, where i have had over 200 000 thousand students watch my high quality video lessons.
I have experience working with the top brands and magazines, that includes Nike, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and many others.

Thank You!

This is literally 100% copy & paste from our proposal, I mean it is even written ‘Cosmos ecosystem news videos’. We find it concerning that you are not even willing to put in the work to write yourself the draft proposal. Sure, you can use our proposal as a reference and example, but almost 100% plagiarism, including total plagiarism of some sections in the proposal is not nice at all. If you work so hard as you claim 16h a day, you cannot take a few hours to write the draft proposal yourself instead of plagiarizing others?

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I think this response is very concerning. All the content I have placed there is my own content.

Also there is much more to be delivered:

  • podcasts
  • tutorials
  • clips

As I mentioned in the proposal I am highly inspired by your bravery and paving a path for creators like myself. I am truly grateful for you being at the forefront of this resolution.

As you know I am working hard every day delivering high quality content for cosmos community and didn’t have time for fully drafting proposal this is why I appreciate you even more.


We were obviously referring to the proposal regarding the plagiarism, not your video content.

Well thanks for this, this seems to be different though to your stance on twitter, where you use name calling such as disgusting, accusing us of governance manipulation, involving our long term partners OmniFlix falsely questioning if they are sponsoring us and so on. While probably not you, we have been receiving threats constantly since the proposal passed. But we appreciate that at least now you are inspired by us and contrary to you, we wish you the best and we hope if you can answer all the questions here that the proposal could be successful.

Thats nothing compared to the ish you pulled. You of all people should🤐


I understand the concerns. This is just a template and I will continue to editing this proposal with received feedback.

I hope you are willing to take feedback seriously from the people on this forum.

I would like to see how the community spend will bring value to the community at large.

Hello i would like to know how many deliveries, are we expecting for this amount requested?

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Can we please keep a constructive tone towards each other? I don’t think that this comment brings elements to the community about the proposer work in a way that helps to take a more aware decision for the hub’s best. Compare proposals isn’t the way to go, and many times wording was copy pasted between different drafts without being seen as a bad thing. If you do something that worked people will try to naturally follow that path.