Cosmos Outreach Group Proposal

Cosmos Outreach Group (COG) Initative

Hey friends, I’ve been in the works hoping to access some funds to better suit my intention of helping to grow, manage and educate the $ATOM community. I’ve reached out to the Prop 34 team with these proposals to help in conjunction with their initiatives, specifically their Meme competition, outreach in general, and to help with the creation of Twitter content by creating links to quotable long-form content and I wanted to share it here with the intention of transparency.

  1. Summary
  2. The Goals of These Initiatives:
    1. Educating people to help realize the fundamentals of the long-term play of Cosmos Atom and to aid the convenience in which every converted user can do their bit in sharing, re-posting and participating in their own sphere of influence, whatever that may be.
    2. An Instagram and Facebook fan-page presence to be used to provide updates on the network’s recent activities to help initiate and educate newcomers, as well as to use to help with word-of-mouth promotion via give-aways and other promotional tools as well as with intent to send people to long-form content to be used for further sharing and discussion.
    3. Re-introducing old Cosmos Media pieces as fundamentals to educate newcomers of older under-utilized long-form content (Cosmos Youtube, Citizen Cosmos, Medium Blogs) posted on Facebook and Reddit, that we can allow people to share on whatever social media that they desire and have influence on.
    4. Engaging the Reddit community with informative thread contests, meme contests, and quality content with the intention of making $ATOM holders feel more involved in the community and with the by-product to be used on helping create crowd-sourced short-form content.
  3. Applicant: TicoJohnny
  4. Problem: Spreading reach in social media platforms that ATOM has next-to-no activity in
  5. Solution: Create actively managed profiles on these platforms, as well as engage the communities within them with a mix of long-form content and give-aways.
  6. Funding: 550 ATOM / month
  7. Deliverables and timeline:

Reddit: - 200 ATOM / mo
Bi-Monthly text-based AMAs on /r/cosmosnetwork with Cosmos Devs and active members

Monthly article on Reddit to be cross-posted onto Medium and alt news sources where possible

Meme Competition on Reddit coinciding with Prop 34 to spread awareness on alt subs

Informative Cross-Posted Thread Contest to infiltrate /r/cryptocurrency

Weekly re-introduction of under-utilized media: Cosmos Youtube, Citizen Cosmos, Medium

Instagram: @cosmos.updates / - 100 ATOM / mo

Daily Cosmos “Quote of the Day”, memes, or news posts with a clean template.
Monthly “comment and tag 3 friends” give-away with ATOM as prizes.

Facebook: / - 100 ATOM/mo
Daily Cosmos “Quote of the Day”, memes or news posts with a clean template aesthetic.

Monthly “share this post” give-away with ATOM as prizes.

Moderate Facebook group:

Medium / News Sources:

Posting Op-Eds or guest posts with major updates whenever possible, atleast once a month.


For organization efforts, hosting AMAs, the time making templated posts on Instagram, and sharing news on Facebook as well as moderating and organizing Redditors and events on all listed platforms, the organizer/contributor would like 150 ATOMs every month in helping to properly execute the above mentioned strategies.

The Case for Long-Form

Long-form content is any information that’s intended to be in-depth fundamental analysis of a specific subject. This kind of content generally encourages critical thinking and sometimes can result in a shift in personal value or opinions. If the strength of Twitter is it’s power of influence in the crypto-market, then the strength of something like Reddit or a blog is in it’s longevity and strength as resources for short-form material, as well as it’s influence in the research that is done after the Twitter posts’ call to action. Long form content has long been the main source of trust development in any subject, i.e BOOKS, FILM, PODCASTS. If you google, for example, “The Case for Cosmos Atom” or “Cosmos ATOM” you’ll find that what pops up is Reddit, Medium, Cosmos.Network.

The downside to short-form content is that is requires little investment from the reader, which can make it forgettable. Most readers won’t interact or respond much to short-form content, you will need to produce endless rapid-fire successions of short-form content from multiple KOL’s to achieve the same conversion results you’d achieve from quality blog posts or Reddit threads. Another issue that can be perceived from short-form content is the reality of it’s high turnover rate, it could be concluded that it is better to have conversion of educated readers, instead of short-term price action if it is to be a long-term play with ATOM.

With this initiative one of the main deliverables will be a once-a-month well-written long-form article to be posted to Reddit and then cross-posted onto Medium or any other news source that will accept the article. Here is a an example of a well-received article on Reddit:

Long-form content ranks higher in google search result, the shorter the post, the lower it’s rank in Google. Readers share long-form content on social media more frequently than short-form. 56% more shares. Long form content has a 30% higher conversion rate.

Op-Eds , Guest Posts, alt news source, original content on:

  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • newsbtc
  • CryptoGlobe
  • AMBCrypto
  • crypto news flash
  • Coinpedia
  • The Coin Republic
  • Herald Sheets
  • CoinJournal
  • CoinFomania
  • Invezz
  • CoinGape — my fav
  • Fintech Zoom
  • Tron Weekly
  • Crypto News Pipe
  • Coinspeaker
  • Cryptopolitan
  • Blockonomi
  • BlockTribune
  • usethebitcoin
  • CoinTrust
  • CoinGenius

-Reddit Atom Meme Contest Example -

  1. Post your own original memes on /r/cryptocurrencymemes, remember quality matters here.

  2. Post a comment linking your post to this thread.

  3. After 2 weeks we will check all the posts for upvotes, this thread will become a list of all the posts, and the rewards will be distributed accordingly.


  • Your meme must be about the Cosmos Network, Ecosystem, Hub, IBC, or $ATOM.

  • You can post multiple memes, but only your highest ranked post will count and you should edit your post here to show your favorite.


You can find assets to download here:

Total prizes: $2000.00

1st place: $500

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $200

4th place: $150

5th place: $75

6th place: $65

7th place: $50

8th place: $45

9th place: $40

10th place: $35

11th to 20th place: $30 each

21st place: $25

-Cross-Posted Thread Contest Example-

Hey guys, very excited to kick off the first of a series of contests aiming to drive the creative discussion

and outreach of Cosmos Atom!

Contest Submission Guidelines:

  1. To enter this contest, write a well-intentioned, informative or thought-provoking post on ANY subreddit on Reddit that isn’t /r/cosmonetwork.

  2. Post a comment linking your post to this thread.

  3. Whoever has the best ratio of upvotes / comments by the end of the week wins!

Contest Rules:

Only 1 submission per user, feel free to make as many posts as you want but link the one you think will perform the best in the coming week!

Your post must be about the Cosmos Network, Ecosystem, Hub, IBC, or $ATOM.


1st place winner will receive $500 in $ATOM

2nd place will receive $250 in $ATOM

3rd place will receive $100 in $ATOM

5 runner-ups will receive $30 in $ATOM

- Instagram Give-Away Example -

10 atom each to 10 winners!

As you all know, Cosmos $ATOM is growing into something that will be a foundation for widely adopted real world use cases and will accumulate value over the coming years. We are wanting to help spread the knowledge of this impressive network by releasing some ATOM to some of our followers and their friends that may be interested in holding and staking ATOM for a long time!

Comment your favorite Cosmos Project and tag 3 friends that might be interested in holding and staking ATOM! We will be picking instagram tags at random and sending the ATOM to your wallet address, so be sure to set one up on Cosmostation of Keplr after commenting!

- Facebook Give-Away Example -

10 atom each to 10 winners!

With so many updates coming into the Cosmos Network we wanted to have people be able to see this information and learn about this unique blockchain technology. For this give-away, all you have to do is share one quote or news link from this Facebook page! We will be picking 10 winners at random and will be sending the ATOM to your wallet address, so be sure to set one up on Cosmostation of Keplr after commenting!

  • ATOMs for MOMs Instagram Give Away Example -

10 atom each to 10 moms!

For Mother’s Day we’d love to share our appreciation for moms all around the world by giving away some ATOM’s for MOMs to hold in their wallets for years to come. If you are a mom or think your mom will be interested in this, tag yourself (or your mom). We will be selecting winners at random, and don’t worry we will explain the steps involved to creating an ATOM wallet address so we can send out your prize!

I love the sounds of this, and appreciate how well planned/thought out this proposal is. This forum feels a little dead, but would love to see something along these lines come to fruition.

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