Prop 34 Updates

Hey guys,

I’m working to start a small community-ran team named Cosmos Operation Grassroots (COG), and have been looking deeply into the recent activity on social media platforms. With the exception of Twitter, I have found it to be a bit bleak.

I’ve been wondering if Prop 34 had any intentions to extend beyond the original intended platforms of Twitter and Youtube, to perhaps, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, or Tik Tok for example. How can I find out? I’ve been coordinating with other community members to organize some interesting grass roots engagement ideas like speculated road maps, AMAs and Reddit cross-posting outreach campaigns. As one of the moderators on the /r/CosmosNetwork, I’ve been answering tons of questions on Reddit as well as other platforms such as Telegram and a good chunk of the vocal community of ATOM holders seem really confused about the lack of transparency with Prop # 34 / marketing.

A few nights ago I attended the clubhouse meeting and learned a lot about the future vision for the Cosmos Hub, I asked about prop 34 and was told that there would be updates next month, which confused me. Assuming the proposal’s course of action began when voting ended, mid-April is when the proposal’s time frame is expected to end. The value of these ATOMs has quadrupled since the proposal and so much can be done with that type of funding.

I wanted to confirm the time frame with which the proposal was intended to play out, these are all questions that seem to reverberate amongst the community. Did it begin in mid January? Would the middle of next month not mark the end of the campaign? Has the proposed PR Agency been helping already or are they going to be helping? How much has been spent? Will it all be spent? Is the Keplr meme contest one of the proposed meme contests? If not, are we still planning on paying $6,000 (300 ATOM) for a meme? And $100,000 (5555 ATOM) for a YouTube video?

With all due respect, I believe the community deserves to know how the funds are being allocated. It could be cool to hear some updates and clarity so that it is easier to answer community questions with truth, as far as I know every proposal’s course of action prior to this has been laden with prompt updates.

Additionally, COG hopes to work on Reddit with some similar objectives as Prop 34, so originally, I hoped to attain some of the funded ATOMs for that type of outreach, but I think it might be better if the funds for Prop 34 are spent with their intention, perhaps the time frame can be extended or expedited. These stimulus checks won’t be printed again, now seems the best time to push all marketing fronts.


Clubhouse: Another reason for an Ipad.

I think these are interesting, but maybe difficult to admin ideas re: smaller-scale grassroots promotion. Also, there’s some risk of feeling astroturf-ish, which is surely something Cosmos’ never been.

Something that’d interest me are user stories from the first crop of cosmos-sdk chains. I have a blast with Akash, for example, and am going to play with SENT tonight.

I understand your sentiment about sounding ‘astroturf-ish.’ I primarily hope to provide user-facing content that will help kick start the uninitiated. As a relatively new-comer to the space, I feel that I may have some insight on what people might not be understanding, or where I would look to find information, acting as a layman of sorts and helping to bring a sense of community to these other platforms.

I am interested in what you suggested, you mean building a page on Akash? Or utilizing Sentinel’s DVPN? This is an interesting angle.

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As far as I know, the first generation of Cosmos SDK blockchains offers never-before-seen capabilities. Like, all of them.

Gaia: full finality, but soon ibc dex
Akash: decentralized kube and it is easy
SENT: dvpn

But there are more, and I figure that these would make excellent highlights without getting into astroturf.

Would some of the signers answer to Tico ?