Cosmos REST API fetching list of tx events (transaction list)

Does anyone know why Cosmos Network keeps changing how their endpoints work?

I have been working on a portfolio/wallet tracking application, I have changed the Cosmos implementation multiple times over the past 2 years, but this time I’ve noticed that REST API documentation has also been updated and it is impossible to find whatever I am looking for. I am using GET /tx/v1beta1/txs endpoint to list transactions for recipient or sender addresses using the event parameter as following events=transfer.recipient={cosmos_address} or events=transfer.sender={cosmos_address}.

After the changes with v0.50, I noticed that it no longer works how I set up my requests, and events parameter has been deprecated since v0.47 - however, events are required to be set through query parameter, which doesn’t contain any example in the documentation (as I couldn’t find past 2 days).

After trying to figure out how query parameter works and accepts a list of events, I have managed to get the following error using the following request:



  "code": 13,
  "message": "failed to search for txs: offset 7: got tag, wanted number, timestamp, datestamp or string",
  "details": [  ]

I don’t understand why it asks for any timestamp or date when the parameters required for the endpoint I am using doesn’t even have a timestamp/date field.

How can I properly setup my request to fetch transactions for a given cosmos wallet? Will the endpoints continue changing? Should I not rely on the and use a third-party blockchain service to fetch transactions?

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks in advance.