Tx Public Endpoints Deprecated

When I look through the REST endpoints available, there are quite a few of them. Problem is that the only one I’m looking for doesn’t exist anymore, as it has been deprecated. All I simply want a list of transactions associated with my addresses.

Can someone give me some direction on how I can pull my transactions for tokens across the Cosmos ecosystem? Over the past few months, I’ve spent days keying in transactions manually to a database I built for portfolio tracking. And that includes leveraging solutions like stake_tax. Since the upgrade last week, a lot of endpoints have stopped working.

I am just baffled that Cosmos seems to be the only ecosystem in crypto which doesn’t have a basic transactions download functionality in the explorer. I just can’t get my head around why this doesn’t exist…?

The only chain I was fully successful with was Crypto_org. I got that working in Power Query and ThunderClient as well.

Dude, I think this is a pretty solid and easy YES fix through governance. I don’t know why we don’t have basic transaction download capability either. That’s stupid. Let’s just add it.

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