Cosmos technical questions

I am studying Cosmos and I have a few questions:

  1. What is the current and maximum throughput?
  2. Does it have a synchronous or asynchronous smart contracts model?

Thank you

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The Cosmos Hub is actually in the midst of deciding whether to include CosmWasm in the next upgrade! See the post here: [Proposal ##][DRAFT] Include CosmWasm in Rho Upgrade - #3 by zaki_iqlusion

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Thank you for your reply. So the answer to question 2) should be synchronous on a given blockchain and asynchronous across different blockchain. Do you confirm?

The Cosmos Hub currently has no smart contracts at all. This is the forum for the Cosmos Hub blockchain, not Cosmos SDK or the ecosystem as a whole so I’m not sure what else is out there.


Right cosmos hub is an instance made with cosmos SDK. I didn’t know that it doesn’t have smart contract yet. According to the proposal, will the smart contract be synchronous on a given blockchain and asynchronous on different blockchains? Or something else?

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That is a question for the proposal maker and the devs who will be working on it - maybe you should post that question to their thread that I linked.


Thank you. What about the throughput? Is there any update?

I’ve answered as much as I can. I’m not a Cosmos Hub developer. In general this forum is just not the right place for technical questions. I suggest heading to the developer Discord (linked in the forum banner).

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So the first thing that you likely need to know is that technically we don’t have a maximum theoretical throughput. We could put the entire thing in ram, even across a validator sent, and it would go really really fast, for a while until the Ram filled up.

Theoretically speaking you could use tons of RAM and you might even be able to operate indefinitely this way. Only the validator nodes will slow the total network throughput. “full nodes” will merely follow and if they cannot keep up, will be left behind.

While cosmos have does not have smart contracts, in the cosmos ecosystem I am aware of four smart contract standards:

  • CosmWasm - the most mature and widespread. Likely to change cosmos network topology because contracts can span chains creating multi chain applicaitons.

  • EVM - same as ethereum, for better (availability of developers) or worse (security vs other cosmos contract standards or cosmos sdk chains in go)
  • Agoric - JavaScript derived, maybe. I don’t know enough but can learn more at
  • Gno - Novel contract design and virtual machine that seems to trace its origins back to this tweet:

Gno is very similar to using golang.

Somewhat speculatively I’d also like to add that I personally think we’ll see additional turing and non-turing complete specalized and general purpose contract standards emerge in cosmos, in addition to some kind of standard that allows the four standards described above to communicate fluidly.

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