Cpulimit - gaiad quits

Hello, I am learning to create a node. The experiment is in a shared CPU VPS online. The goal is to limit the CPU to 80% because the killer is around me when I launch some daemons … :laughing: I installe the cpulimit usefull command that takes limits the threading of the CPU for a ID task. Gaiad quits immediately when the cpulimit try to limit it.
But I am too cool to leave it as is :rofl: ! So. In another SSh instance I lounched glances and I see that the gaiad task is regularly work at 80% of the CPU power.
Any experience on it?

Hello again. I would up this thread because I think that is important to make this limit. I will start tomorrow to try all linux systems to limit CPUs. I try to explain this theory. If I rent a 10 v-cores in a shared VPS I don’t need the all 10 cores power to build up and align the chain. I will need the power yes but the ceap thing is to don’t use all the CPU power. Some providers reboot or kill the VPS if they see a 99% warning. I prefere to increase the CPU cores but leave them running at 75%. Otherwise the costs are exponential only to enter in the 75% ~ 99% range of use. If I rent a 12 v-core CPU and 60 GB ram running at 75% is the half of a 3 real-cores with 24G of RAM.