The status of the latest public testnet

In this post I will keep everyone updated on the latest testnet. gaia-6002 has crashed last night. We will not attempt to recover it, but will rather focus on getting to gaia-7000 faster.

Our next public testnet will be gaia-700. It will launch around the 5th or 6th of July 2018. We’ll be publishing a genesis.json file using the old keys from the previous testnet.

The testnet parameters will change to these:

Liveness: 20,000/40,000 blocks (gives everyone 24 hours to come back online)
Liveness Slashing: 1%
Safety Slashing: 20%
Jail Time: 12 blocks (1 minute)
Block Time: 5 seconds (should make it easier to catch up and sync)

If you have any questions or suggestions for anyone, please post them here.


Hello Adrian ! How do you guys enforce 5 seconds blocktime ?

It’s a config parameter in Tendermint consensus, where you can configure the timeouts for your local node. So by default most nodes will wait 5 seconds before they continue to the next consensus round.

Currently it’s not possible to enforce this in consensus, but as long as a majority of operators run it in that configuration, we should be fine. :slight_smile:

How about opening a window for others to submit info to be added to the genesis file?

Just an update here. We have identified a number of issues from the gaia-6002 testnet and have a tracking issue:

We will be resolving these issues before we launch gaia-7000


Great, waiting anxious. :wink:

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Then all of us should config the timeout with the same configurations. What if some of us have different timeout values?

I think this would only be a problem if the majority of validators would use a smaller timeout value. Then those with the 5s config would lag behind and probably be slashed…But if the majority uses 5s, there shouldn’t be a problem, I think.

I would hope this can be done with the SDK when the chain is being initialized. This was how the create_empty_block=false can be configured before. I’m kinda waiting this feature back as it will reduce the disk usage and easier for debugging as only block with transactions will be created.

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# EmptyBlocks mode and possible interval between empty blocks in seconds
create_empty_blocks = true
create_empty_blocks_interval = 5

Like this? I tried it with the latest gaiad, basecoind, and democoind and still got 1 second blocks with create_empty_blocks_interval = 5.

Also, like @kwunyeung, I’d be very excited to see

create_empty_blocks = false 

start working again, or be something that we can set in the SDK.


Jacob, which version of SDK are you using? As we have tried with v0.19 before and this value didn’t have any effect on our testnet.

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I have discussed with @suyu before and she told me about the timeout settings in the config.toml. We have tried changing the timeout values below and the block creation slows down.

# All timeouts are in milliseconds
timeout_propose = 3000
timeout_propose_delta = 500
timeout_prevote = 1000
timeout_prevote_delta = 500
timeout_precommit = 1000
timeout_precommit_delta = 500
timeout_commit = 1000

Make sure you keep the following option to false.

# Make progress as soon as we have all the precommits (as if TimeoutCommit = 0)
skip_timeout_commit = false

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I increase timeout_commit = 1000 to 10x and the block interval is about 10s.

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Do we have a current target date? I remember seeing somewhere the original target range was July 5-7.

Hi @adrian, any news about gaia-7000
I feel like trying it

Thank you thank you thank you!


you are welcome :rofl:

Just to update, we have a RC for the next testnet that we are running on an internal testnet. We will be starting the next testnet sometime this week. Please stay tuned for updates.