Customizable transaction explorer for Tendermint dapp?

Such as every Tendermint dapp has its own transaction structures, it would be handy to have some sort of customizable explorer for dapp transactions.

So far I have checked Cosmos’ both Explorer and Voyager. Explorer doesn’t have a page for transactions at all, while Voyager has tx pages, they still need to be updated to reflect dapp specific payload of transactions.

Right now I think the best way is to take Cosmos Explorer or Voyager and extend it with such pages (views):

  • List of transactions page
  • Transaction details page

What do you think?

Voyager will show all transactions on one page, filterable by type. We will add more transactions to display over time.
We will add transaction details (page or inline). But this is currently not a priority.

@FaboWeb, I launched Voyager, but it’s trying to connect to the previous test network: gaia-7005. So I cannot check a transactions page on Voyager.


Do you mean Cosmos Explorer here?

And btw, what about some code to share between Cosmos Voyager and Cosmos Explorer? Now, these two apps are being developing separately, but they definitely have some pages in common, like Transactions page.

previous test network: gaia-7005

we will very likely release a new version for gaia-8001 this week

what about some code to share between Cosmos Voyager and Cosmos Explorer?

We do share some code and will do more in the future. Checkout for our component library.

Nice! Just checked the code of UI components. These components is what I can use to build an explorer specific to transactions of my dapp:


Glad you like it. Leave us feedback if you miss something or find bugs. :slight_smile: