ATOMScan, a blockchain explorer for Cosmos

Hi guys, I’m a big fan of Cosmos and am also a developer by trade. I’ve been using/following cryptocurrencies since 2010 and have always been looking for an excuse or idea to build something for one of the cryptocurrencies/blockchains out there.

So over the course of a few days, I’ve built this blockchain explorer. The explorer is currently leveraging my publicly accessible node REST API from Gaia Lite see here.

There may not be a lot of differentiating features now from existing solutions and some stuff may be missing/incomplete/improvable, which is why all feedback and ideas are welcome. I have some differentiating feature ideas that I will implement in the future, for now I have completed the basics of the explorer.

The explorer is also a PWA (Progressive Web App), this means that on compatible browsers, you should be able to “install” the website to be used as a separate application. This can be particularly useful for phones. Keep in mind that on a lot of browsers (i.e Safari/iOS) this feature is not fully implemented, so it may not have full functionality you’d expect from a native app.

What I know is missing right now is a list of recent transactions, this is because there is a limitation in the standard Cosmos/Tendermint API that doesn’t allow reverse ordering of transactions. I wasn’t able to find a solution to this (asides from forking and editing the code).

Anyway, I’m of the opinion that the more independent blockchain explorers there are, the better. Blockchain explorers remain a source of information for a lot of people on what’s going on in a blockchain and it also happens to be the one source of blockchain information that can easily lie to you. So the more explorers to compare against that use their own independent nodes, the better.

So without further rambling, check it out

Thanks for reading and would like feedback/ideas for the future.


Thank you for your contribution, it’s very neat an is now added to the list of explorers: [Delegators] Cosmos & Tendermint Guides, Wallets, Explorers & Tools

Cool! Thanks for adding it to the list :slight_smile:.

@Cracklord would love to see your explorer added to under the block explorer section. Make a PR if you’d like

Thanks @marbar, it’d be awesome if it was on there so I made a PR for it to be added as you suggested: