Cyber: save the galaxy from extinction, by playing the Game of Links, an incentivized tournament

At the dawn of the new year we have launched Euler-5. You can find the raw footage of the launch here.

Below are the rules and links to what you will need in order to participate in the game either as a hero or a master!

The full rules can be found here
Join Cyber as a Validator guide

The key idea behind the Game of Links is to establish a starting value of relevance for the knowledge graph. It is crucial for getting quality search results from the inception of the network. All the disciplines are an integral part of the preparation and testing of the network before the launch of the mainnet.


  • To distribute 10% of CYB tokens to the donors who will participate in the takeoff donation round
  • To distribute up to 5% of CYB tokens to the participants of the 7 disciplines of the game, depending on how many tokens participants win against cyber~Congress
  • To carry out publicly incentivized testing of go-cyber and cyber\Foundation before the launch of the mainnet

Provision for the Game

The Game of Links starts with the launch of euler-5 and ends with a snapshot of the network which will be produced after the grand-finale of the Game! Based on the Genesis snapshot of cyber the network will be computed independently by each validator who will decide to become a part of the Genesis.

The takeoff donation round will start after the approval of the governance proposal of the takeoff donation start. It will last until any of the following events will happen:

  • 146 days have passed since the beginning of the takeoff donation round
  • 300,000 ATOM tokens have been donated

After the end of the takeoff donation round, we will distribute EUL tokens to participants of the takeoff. This will kick-off the final round of the Game of Links.

At this time, key players with significant stakes will have a powerful impact on the results of the Game.

The final round will be played for 21 days after the distribution of EUL tokens.


Group Amount of EUL
Takeoff donations 100,000,000,000,000
Gifts to Ethereum, Cosmos and Urbit communities 100,000,000,000,000
Euler-4 validators 15,000,000,000,000
GOL stakers 15,000,000,000,000
Community pool 2,000,000,000,000
Test of Thrones in ATOMs (abandoned) 1,000,000,000,000

How to participate

There is no face control, captchas or KYC to join the Game. All you need is a tool for playing and some tokens.

You may join the Game as a:

  • Hero (validator). Set up your node and start validating
  • Master (user). The builder of the Great Web. Migrate content from web2 to the Great Web or create your own and make it searchable. You can link your content with the help of and a Ledger or with the use of CLI
  • Evangelist. Attract other players, donors and become a project ambassador
  • Developer. Create cool things and claim your rewards via spend proposals from the community pool

How to get tokens and which tools to use?

There are several ways to get tokens and several tools that you can use:

  • Gifts . There are 100 TEULs allocated as a gift to the Cosmos, Ethereum and Urbit communities. This is 42.9% of the euler-5 Genesis supply (which is equivalent to the supply of euler-6 ). You can check your balance using Simply enter your address in the app to check your balance.

The gifting rules are defined in the whitepaper. The gifting mechanism is implemented in the launch kit repo.

  • Faucets. We want to test the production of the auction app during GoL and this is a great opportunity for creating a faucet based on this app. You can obtain GOL tokens and claim EUL tokens to participate in the game. We expect a low price valuation for GOL, so you can fill your stake with Szhabos (1 millionth of an ETH) and uAtoms (1 millionth of an ATOM).
  • Takeoff round. You can get tokens if you will participate in the takeoff donation round. Learn how-to. There are 100 TEULs allocated to the participants during the Gae of Links. Those will be distributed at the end of the takeoff donation round and account for 42.9% of the Genesis supply. Therefore, their valuation should be much hotter towards the end.
  • Become a validator. You can get tokens by launching a validator node. euler-4 validators got 15 TEULs in euler-5 and other euler networks for their support of the network.

Takeoff donations and disciplines incentives

The takeoff donations has 3 key goals:

  • bootstrapping the genesis validator set
  • definition of allocation for cyber~Congress participants
  • definition of allocation to the Game of Links participants


There are seven disciplines to participate in the Game of Links, which are subdivided further into 2 different types:

Dependent on takeoff donations:

  • The relevance of links submitted (the higher the rank of the content and earlier you cyberlink, the better)
  • The bandwidth load of every participant (the more you link, the better)
  • Life summary of every validator (the longer your uptime is, the better)
  • The amount delegated to each validator (the more a validator is delegated, the better)

Independent of takeoff donations:

  • Full validator set (the more validators there are, the better)
  • Community pool (experiment and participate in governance)
  • euler-4 validator rewards (rewards distributed to validators for the last testnet)

The following criteria are applied for the allocation of Game of Links:


A video guide to the game

A step by step guide with blackjack rules, provisions and description

A short intro:
The game is part of the distribution games planned in our whitepaper. euler-5 is the technical name of our incentivized testnet that is required for the launch of the cyber network. The Game of Links is going to be held as part of the euler-5 testnet. The game is organized by cyber~Congress. The main goal of the participants is to win, as many tokens as possible, from cyber~Congress…

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Use your Cosmostation wallet and mintscan explorer to see if your wallets were qualified for the gift (simply follow the links on the sponsored banners)

We have updated important information, please make sure you check it out

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Check out the latest guide and play!

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To our understanding cyber is the first project to attract, solely $ATOM. We believed in @cosmos 3 years ago and been building ever since. Learn how to donate $ATOM to cyber and receive CYB:

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Updated rules of the game