Decentralize Cosmos Hub with pSTAKE’s new validator delegation strategy for stkATOM

#Decentralize Cosmos Hub with pSTAKE’s new validator delegation strategy for stkATOM

A new discussion is live on the pSTAKE Forum where I have proposed a new validator delegation strategy for stkATOM that will:

  • Help scale ATOM delegations without the need for constant manual interventions
  • Decentralize ATOM liquid staking and the Cosmos Hub
  • Align validators in the best interest of the Cosmos Hub
  • Increase stkATOM transparency

This post invites all Cosmonauts to participate in this critical discussion for the Hub that will help create a secure and decentralized ATOM liquid staking environment.

For context, pSTAKE delegates stake equally to 62 validators selected at launch via PSTAKE governance based on on-chain parameters. Different delegation methods, like council-driven and choice-driven have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Liquid staking providers should not gatekeep validators and should deselect bad actors/validators rather than trying to select the right validators. pSTAKE contributors believe that the role of LSPs will be of utmost importance as users will depend on LSPs to act in the network’s best interest by making an informed stake delegation decision.

The newly proposed pSTAKE Validator Delegation Strategy involves collecting on-chain data, filtering it with specific decentralization parameters, and calculating individual validator weights with a scoring mechanism. Validator weights will be calculated daily with regular rebalancing to ensure target weights are always met.

Cosmonauts are requested to visit the pSTAKE Forum to read more about the proposed delegation model and its benefits in depth and share their thoughts and feedback directly.


Absolutely agreed on this statement. LSTs will carry important responsibilities as they grow market-fit. It is still acceptable to have committee-curated sets in the early stages of this rollout, but it is clear to everyone that the only sustainable path forward should be weighted on the quality of service through measurable data. You are definitely stepping in this direction, and therefore, we support this new system as we encourage other LSTs to follow suit when their respective roadmaps allow them to.


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