Delegating from Ledger Live is failing to confirm..?

I have some ATOM on a Ledger, and I would like to use the Ledger Live option for delegating to validators and earn some rewards.

I’m getting all the way through the process, and it seems to work fine, but the delegation transaction never confirms, and eventually drops off my operations list as if it never happened.

I have more details with screenshots here: Ledger Live Staking Cosmos ATOM Failure? - AngellEYE

I have submitted a ticket to Ledger support, but of course it’s taking a while to hear back. Curious if anybody else is running into this, or knows a way around it…??

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I had the same issue untill i synchronised my ledger

I have synced it many times. I’ve gone through this process four times now. Same thing happens every time.

Notice in my screenshots it shows the delegation successful message, and it shows the transaction in the operations history. But then after a few min, synchronizing actually removes it entirely from the list as if it never happened. It simply won’t confirm for some reason.

Hi Not sinc try the software update

I had the same iame issue until i either synced / software updated and the it worked


Thanks, but I’m running the latest version of everything already. Nothing to update.

Hi, did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue.

can someone help. counting on you (specialists) help.