Ledger App Broken?

“I’ve been trying to delegate my Atoms on my Ledger Nano S, but whenever I try to sign a transaction, it just crashes and reboots. I tried 2 different PCs and 3 browsers with Cosmostation and Lunie, same thing on all of them. Now my Atoms are stuck, I can’t even send them to another address. I’m using the Cosmos app v1.5.3. Has anyone had similar experiences and is there some kind of fix?”

Taken from: https://www.reddit.com/r/cosmosnetwork/comments/cb7ytr/ledger_app_broken/

I also can not claim my staked rewards or delegate my new Atoms on Ledger Nano S. I have Cosmos V1.5.3 also… It worked when I initially set it up, and now claiming my rewards and staking my new atoms it will NOT let me sign transaction…