Ethermint, Hard Spooning and the Photon

Rewatching the Aragon Chain AMA, it’s stated that if a proposal passed right now for the Cosmos team to start work on the Photon hard spooning Ethereum and overall Ethermint completion that that would become a high priority (as opposed to right now where it’s not a high priority).

Question though, if that passed now would it lead to everything being paused on IBC or other current dev projects? Or would you all hire more devs specifically for Ethermint, hard spooning Ethereum and the Photon creation?

It seems the community is waiting for IBC before pressing onwards to Ethermint, hard spooning Ethereum and the Photon… But why can’t we do both?


Not sure how useful or accurate this will be, but I’ll try to provide some info.

I believe that IBC will be necessary for Ethermint and the Cosmos Hub to communicate together. My understanding is that if not done already, IBC’s formal audit should be finished any day now. Perhaps @zaki has an idea of the audit’s status and when Game of Zones may begin. IBC will be necessary for the Ethermint peg zone to work with the rest of Cosmos.

My understanding is that Chainsafe has been contracted by the ICF to create either an Ethermint module or an Ethermint zone (or both–not sure). I don’t recall the status of Chainsafe’s work, but I think it’s moving along quickly. @zaki likely has an idea. My understanding is that Chainsafe won’t launch the Ethermint zone, so I assume that ICF will launch it that the way they did with the Cosmos Hub.

The part I don’t get is the hard spoon photon thing. I haven’t read much about it, so that’s probably why I don’t get it. If there was no talk of a hard spoon, my assumption would have been that transaction fees would simply be paid in the denomination of whatever value is being transferred. Sending Ethermint-ETH? Pay in Ethermint-ETH. I’ve got some reading to do.