Everstake releases a report on ATOM staking featuring on-chain data analysis for 2020-2022

We are excited to present Everstake’s exclusive staking report on ATOM. It’s the very first report using the data from our own analytics tools, Slurp and Staking API.

The problem is that most data resources track only APR, the number of validators, price, and block time. Still, this set of data is often insufficient, so Everstake’s engineers had to develop our own research tools to learn more about blockchain metrics.

Staking, delegation, transaction validation, block creation, and reward accrual happen on-chain, which means that all transactions are recorded in the blockchain and are readable. Slurp collects this data and transforms it for further analysis.

We chose Cosmos (ATOM) for our first Staking Report as it implements an adaptive inflation mechanism depending on the ratio of total stake to the whole ATOM token supply. This makes it a valuable subject in the research of validator and delegator behavior as well as in identifying correlations.

Read the report to learn the dynamics of the staked ratio, inflation, APY, and more in 2020-2022. It also extensively discusses stake distribution between top validators, delegators’ distribution between top validators, restake rewards ratios, and much more. Find the report here:



It’s a great report. Thank you!

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As I already commented on twitter, this is a very high quality report.

All charts and data are very well put together and make total sense.

Simply Bravo to Everstake’s team!

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