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My name is William, I’m the head of marketing for Notional validator ( ). I want to begin a dialogue with other marketers in Cosmos - it’s a thought that sprung into mind after meeting with the head of marketing for Sifchain in Hanoi recently. We discussed some common problems, like Google Ads accounts getting hit for crypto related ads, analytics in blockchain, and more.

When speaking with other validator teams I see a common theme: All building, no bandwidth for marketing. This is a shame because many of these teams are high-value contributors to the Cosmos ecosystem, but many new delegators will simply overlook them and stake to centralized exchanges.

Notional’s own marketing is largely centered around Twitter. This is something I’m personally trying to change - not to undermine Notional’s valuable Twitter engagement, which has gained us a good following - but rather to expand into new channels and reach new audiences.

I’m particularly interested in audiences that are new to Cosmos, don’t understand validation, and are looking for a place to delegate. My focus is SEO-optimized educational content, ads, podcasts, content and consistent branding across all our channels.

We’re in early days. I think Notional has done well this last year - however, Cosmos will grow, and as it becomes more mainstream, the ‘inner-circle’ on Twitter will become a smaller and smaller fraction of the total Cosmos population. This is why I feel we personally need to expand into new channels - to capture some of those newcomers.

Marketing as a validator is quite a unique thing. Analytics are of limited use due to the difficulty of measuring when engagements and clicks turn into delegations. And delegations themselves are hard to factor into metrics like return on ad spend due to fluctuating price movements, fluctuating APY, and the sometimes temporary nature of delegations themselves.

I am fortunate - Notional also operates burgeoning software engineering and infrastructure departments, which allows me more budget to work with and more conversions to measure.

Still, this is a unique space and many of the traditional methods do not apply - or are outright banned - when marketing for crypto-related products and services.

I apologize if there isn’t a consistent point here - I am just interested to see if other marketers read this and share my thoughts. And better yet, if any of those people want to connect and share ideas, collaborate, and grow together. I also, to be quite honest, wanted to be able to chuck a link to our website on here the Cosmos Forum has a high domain authority which could help our own SEO scoring. Remember, I am a soulless marketer :roll_eyes:

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @wdgray93 if you want to discuss about marketing in Cosmos. I’m not Neil Patel or Gary Vee, I certainly have some gaping gaps in my knowledge, but I have been marketing in crypto for a couple of years and have seen several things work and several more fall flat. I’m very happy to help where I can, and to learn.

Anyways, peace in Cosmos, keep growing <3


Thanks for talking about this. Pinged you up on Twitter with @cosmos_voice (Citizen Cosmos)

PS. Cant dm you. you seem to have dms closed (

Interested to spar as well.
Not a marketeer, not a big validator, but struggling with the same thing (how to bring to the spotlight what my added value to the ecosystem is), so any thought, cooperation or whatever would be cool.

@LeosCryptoman on Twitter

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