Never invest in ecosystem marketing? Here is why now is the time to invest

When Is it time for an ecosystem to invest in marketing? here is why now the time

At the beginning of the bull market the most important phase to make sure that Cosmos ecosystem gets mentioned in the news when new capital flows into the market. On top of that, when you have the best tech stack & want to capitalise on the market, is now the best time to enter?

Enter Lunar Strategy, a ecosystem growth firm that have since 2019 worked in the crypto industry and helped various ecosystem grow by partnering with top KOLs, creating strong narratives that resonates on a deep level with new community members & using a mix of amplification strategies to make sure the content from top KOLs gets the reach it deserves.

We want to bring the best content creators with strong influence to cover Cosmos in-dept and take their audience through a journey of three waves:

Reputation wave 1, Focus on Cosmos ecosystem, recent developments including integration of smart contracts, developer activity & as the internet of blockchains. Here we will do mainly Youtube deepdives & X long-form posts.

Hype wave 2, Top projects building, utilities & videos and content like “Top 5 Most active projects in Cosmos” and similar content that is made to make the KOLs community exited, could also go into airdrops coming up.

Conversion wave 3, Tutorial of top wallets, examples of airdrops to get into now & content that is fully focused on conversions and getting new users into the Cosmos ecosystem.

Here are a few examples of KOLs for a recent campaign Lunar Strategy did for Polkadot:

Altcoin Daily

Coin Bureau

Ash Crypto

Michaël van de Poppe

Crypto Lark

Also an article in Coindesk from our CEO about A Better Way to Distribute Crypto Ecosystem Grants.

We appreciate all community feedback on the narratives and KOL suggestions in order to submit a community proposal for funding this proposal.

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The Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) you’ve worked with for Polkadot are influential voices in the crypto space, and similar partnerships for Cosmos could be very beneficial.