FunctionX FXCore Cosmos-based Blockchain Implements Staking, Governance, and Crosschain via Precompiled Contracts

Hello Cosmos community,

We are thrilled to share a major update regarding FunctionX FXCore, our Cosmos-based blockchain project. We have successfully implemented Staking, Governance, and Crosschain functionalities through precompiled contracts.

This type of implementation is similar to Ethereum where it implements the SHA256 algorithm through precompiled contracts.

Originally, these functions were managed exclusively through cosmos-sdk. By transitioning to precompiled contracts, we’ve unlocked numerous benefits, such as:

  • Complex Operations: Precompiled contracts allow us to execute complex operations like encryption and hashing more efficiently, making FXCore even more versatile.

We are curious as to if other teams are also looking at these precompile contracts, or if any teams have implemented them, and your take on it.

Best regards,
FunctionX FXCore Team

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