Fund the hypha and "hub team"

The following proposal will go here.

Goal: on chain in less than 24h. There must be a solution provided to perpetuating Informal’s reign here. Under no circumstances am I trying to lose the individual humans form informal or hypha, however.

I don’t see a reason for this. 839 already looks like it’s going to pass effortlessly.

It’s because they were ordered not to investigate p2p storms.

Suggest that you look in the hub validators private discord.

I really hope this prop doesn’t pass.

If it doesn’t I’ll replace it with another prop that will ensure that the Jehan/Marius hub team is funded, same as Hypha hub team, same terms as before.

Maybe just waiting to see what happens with 839 first is a better idea.

Sir I am sorry, notional is responsible for security on the hub and I was just told that it isn’t a security problem if it is possible to take a chain offline using only valid transactions, by informals cto.

So I must share my opinion, and my opinion is that it is best that the hub team operate without informal.

I assure you that I don’t take this lightly. I would have been super happy to vote yes.



That’s not my point, Jacob. I’m saying there’s no real point to putting up another proposal before the current one is done being voted on.

Ah, sir my point is that currently no options are being provided so the current one ought to pass.

I think it would be bad if 839 passes.

I also think it would be amazing if the current hub team + hypha could continue to work on the hub without interruption.

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