Funding Proposal: Supporting Public Goods - Ping Dashboard

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2023-06-29 Created initial post
2023-07-05: Updated proposal details and funding request
2023-08-07: Add Recipient Address


We are submitting this grant proposal to request funding for the ongoing support and development of Ping Dashboard, the leading open source explorer used by numerous projects within the Cosmos ecosystem. Ping Dashboard plays a critical role in providing essential infrastructure and tools for blockchain exploration. With over 500 forks and listed on 90+ mainnets, Ping Dashboard has demonstrated widespread adoption and impact. We have been working on Ping Dashboard with love for several years, dedicating our time and expertise to make it a valuable resource for the Cosmos community. The requested funds will be used to ensure Ping Dashboard remains a reliable and feature-rich platform, benefiting the wider Cosmos community.


Ping Dashboard is designed as a basic tool for exploring Cosmos blockchain data, focusing on common functions such as delegation, transfer, and voting. With the rapid growth of the Cosmos ecosystem, we aim to upgrade Ping Dashboard to meet the evolving needs of the community.


  • Continuous Improvement: Allocate resources for regular maintenance, bug fixes, and performance optimizations to ensure Ping Dashboard remains reliable and up-to-date.
  • User Experience Enhancements: Implement user feedback to enhance the interface, making Ping Dashboard more intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly.
  • Feature Development: Integrate new functionalities based on community needs, such as support for consumer chains, IBC transaction queries, Wasm Contract Inter-operation, and real-time monitoring.
  • Modular Framework: Improve the architecture to ensure scalability, flexibility, and easy integration of new modules.
  • Performance Improvement: Optimize the performance of Ping Dashboard to handle increased user traffic and data volumes.


  • Framework upgrade: Upgrade from Vue 2.0 to 3.0, migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • Customization: Improve SDK version compatibility, enable multilingual support and internationalization, allow module and API customization, and optionally introduce theme customization.
  • Wallets Integration: Integrate with popular wallets such as Metamask, Wallet Connect, Cosmostation, and Leap.
  • New Features: Enhance support for provider and consumer chains, introduce new IBC features and improvements including transfer and query functionalities, enhance governance capabilities, improve search functionality, enable wallet integration, WASM smart contract integration and EVM module integration.
  • Widget System: Develop a widget system and more widgets for extensibility and flexibility.


Funding Request:

The requested funding amount for the Ping Dashboard grant proposal is 30,000 ATOM, which is approximately equivalent to ~250,000 USD based on the current exchange rate. This amount is based on a thorough assessment of the development and maintenance costs required to achieve the project goals outlined above. It includes expenses related to development resources, infrastructure maintenance, community support, and ongoing improvements to ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of Ping Dashboard.

Recipient: cosmos1ev0vtddkl7jlwfawlk06yzncapw2x9quyxx75u

Forum post link:


Governance votes:

  • YES: Approve the grant proposal
  • NO: Reject the grant proposal
  • NO WITH VETO: Indicate a veto vote if the proposal is deemed spam, disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or violates the rules of engagement
  • ABSTAIN: Contribute to quorum without voting for or against the proposal

I’ve used ping, and it’s really nice. It also fills the need for chains that aren’t integrated elsewhere.

Any intention to ask other communities for funding?


I am happy if other communities want to support us.

We have donation address on the home page, we have not received any donation for years.

We are still seeking more sponsors.

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Ping is the best open-sourced explorer in the Interchain. We support it!


I support this proposal. Good job and contribution to Cosmos… always


Citizen Cosmos will support this


Ping is important for the ecosystem. I think they should get funding to grow this amazing public good.
The product is great and is constantly getting better too. And we do need a diverse set of explorers as new chains keep getting onboarded.


What you build at pub is without a doubt of great value to the cosmos ecosystem.

I would encourage you to add a cost planning to your proposal though. I think its important for everyone to understand what the funds are used for and how you came up with this number. I know proposals didnt include detailed cost planning in the past but i would like to see more transparency in the future.
I assume you need the $ equivalent of the 30k ATOM to implement the stated tasks. Would therefore be a funding in milestones be beneficial for you? We could then adjust the needed ATOMs to the current market price.

Furthermore a rough timeline would be great to be added.

Because this is a community spend proposal where the recipient is a validator, we must vote abstain on this proposal. Our governance guidelines prohibit us from funding validators. We do this to counter the community’s argument that validators collude to fund each other. We will encourage our delegators to vote YES though.

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Will add,

We usually do first and then talk.

Actually we have completed a lot features on our latest preview version(v3-alpha), including IBC, WASM contracts, widget.

you can see there for more details: Roadmap of 2023 · Issue #294 · ping-pub/explorer · GitHub

This will add more, since we have almost completed the list planed on early of this year.


I will vote yes.

I cannot count the number of times that we have fallen back towards

I am very, very happy to see this funding request.

Thank you for all of your work on an excellent and fully open explorer over the years Ping.

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I think it makes sense to ask here, then maybe other places.

I strongly support this proposal.

Thank you for your contribution, Ping! Will support this.

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You’ve been doing for years. Even if you didn’t have a new version in the pipeline, I would support this because you’ve been doing for years and years.

Thank you

Ping Dashboard is informative and easy to use.
Keep up the great work!

:+1: Strongly support this proposal.

Hi Liang @ping thanks for the hardwork in putting out a good insights project out to good use. My only qualm is the 30K ATOM. Being a tech guy and software development manager, resourcing is what I did day in/out.

The first couple of items seem to be refactoring work, which is necessary for software maintainability, but it shouldn’t be a lot of effort for a Sr Engineer. What’s the level of effort for each bullet item (in person days/weeks?) and at what rate per hour? $250K USD seems a lot, which is equivalent to 2-person effort for 6 months, paid for Sr Engineer I/II rates at Silicon Valley’s Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google (FAANG) companies.

With the apparent acceleration of coding with ChatGPT, this shouldn’t take as long either. I see many folks are liking this proposal as your reputation may precede you. I rarely use Please help us understand why it costs that much and at what timeline will each be delivered. Also, can we look at refactoring as we go sort of development?


On behalf of :hamster: Quokka Stake and as a constant Ping user, we voted yes without any doubt. This explorer is one of the best things happening to the ecosystem, and it’s likely the only one (or at least the only popular and maintained one) that is open-source, and that one can self-host on their nodes/servers. Keep going!

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It’s important to have multiple options where other tools can fill in the gaps. Supporting public goods is our ethos as well. Chainflow will be voting yes in support of this proposal.

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Such an easy proposal to support, right?