Proposal For Build Web Assembly Client

My name is Ping Liang. We build which is widely used block explorer/web wallet.

Currently, most of web apps have to use Javascript/Typescript to connect with light client server, since most web explorers don’t support gRPC and http2. is going to build an open source gRPC client with Web assembly and http2. Once it is built, developers can easily invoke gRPC services underlying the Rest services. and it is smaller, faster, laser resources consumed.

We are look for Grant or donation to build this awesome tool, and want to hear your advices, Be free to share your opinions here.


Hi Ping,

Are you seeking to make a Community Spend Proposal and have this project funded by the Cosmos Hub Community Pool? That would be the clearest way to seek a grant from the Hub community :slight_smile:

You can learn more about making proposals in our Start Here post and I’m happy to answer any questions about the process.

Typically you will get more timely and specific feedback if you draft the proposal in the form it will have on-chain and post it directly to the Hub Proposals: Community Spend Pool category.


ok, will add more details there.

1 Like is awesome. Thank you for that and looking forward to your new tool.

Shall support your community spend proposal.

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Notional would vote yes on this.

We use and benefit tremendously from ping’s work.

He does great things for cosmos.


This is awesome! love the work on I see is running a validator on the hub with 100% commission named aims to fund public goods in cosmos. Wonder if they can also help?

Actually I’ve been looking for the gitcoin equivalent in cosmos so small ATOM holders can donate to works like this. I wonder anyone know more about this.

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I know that there’s a group and I always always forget the name of the chain It might be git chain but I don’t think it is, that is putting git on a chain. I’m not certain that that will help with public goods funding but decentralizing the storage of the source code could be really awesome.