Gas Adjustment support

How do I adjust the gas? I am trying to collect a staked reward and I am told I am out of gas. I see on another post that I should make a higher gas-adjustment which makes sense but I don’t know how to do this.

Any advice, including letting me know the proper channel to ask this question, is much appreciated.


Hey @bormius!

Do you use keplr wallet?

You’d adjust gas like this:

click the lil gear thingy next to transaction fee, and you’ll get a menu like this:

Probably safe to just choose “high”

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Thanks for your speedy response. I use Guarda wallet, and I don’t see a way to adjust anything on transaction fees. But knowing it is a wallet mechanism is great: I will reach out to Guarda for more help.

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Hmmmm I don’t know Garuda wallet.

For cosmos, I’d recommend:

  • keplr for most folks
  • leap if you like fancy stuff

Actually though, it’s perfectly possible that the wallets default configuration for atom could be the exact issue that you’re facing.

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Thanks again, @jacobgadikian. I have reached out to Guarda and they have already replied to me, telling me there is a known issue with ATOM staking, and they will keep me informed. If that works, I will probably stick with Guarda as it has been fine up until now. So many options, and I don’t need to dive into that decision process again. But it is good to know of an open source alternative.