Gas Adjustment support

How do I adjust the gas? I am trying to collect a staked reward and I am told I am out of gas. I see on another post that I should make a higher gas-adjustment which makes sense but I don’t know how to do this.

Any advice, including letting me know the proper channel to ask this question, is much appreciated.


Hey @bormius!

Do you use keplr wallet?

You’d adjust gas like this:

click the lil gear thingy next to transaction fee, and you’ll get a menu like this:

Probably safe to just choose “high”

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Thanks for your speedy response. I use Guarda wallet, and I don’t see a way to adjust anything on transaction fees. But knowing it is a wallet mechanism is great: I will reach out to Guarda for more help.

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Hmmmm I don’t know Garuda wallet.

For cosmos, I’d recommend:

  • keplr for most folks
  • leap if you like fancy stuff

Actually though, it’s perfectly possible that the wallets default configuration for atom could be the exact issue that you’re facing.

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Thanks again, @jacobgadikian. I have reached out to Guarda and they have already replied to me, telling me there is a known issue with ATOM staking, and they will keep me informed. If that works, I will probably stick with Guarda as it has been fine up until now. So many options, and I don’t need to dive into that decision process again. But it is good to know of an open source alternative.


@Bromius I am in the same situation and can’t claim my ATOM rewards on Guarda. I have been trying at least 100 times the last couple of months and contacted support numerous times. They say they are working on it but every time, but nothing seems to happen.

Since the 800000 gas limit is hardcoded it shouldn’t be too hard to just increase it to 900000.

I just got a reply that they are still working on it. Really frustrating. You can always write a trust pilot review to hopefully make them prioritize the issue.

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I would suggest trying Galaxy Station out, we are happy to always support Cosmos end-users if needed.