General questions for Cosmos Slashing


Based on the Cosmos protocol, there are two types of slashing that affects validators (double signing and inactivity). Are there any block explorers that visibly shows example of these two types of slashing? Are there also examples of increasing or decreasing the slashing fraction for each types? For example, I see the default value of 5% for double signing (as well as tombstoning the validator) and 0.01% for the being inactive. What determines the rate of increase or decrease for each? Additionally, looking at the balance change for validators might not be too practical when determining if there is a slashing that has occurred, what are ways we can confidently verify that a slashing has occurred and what type of slashing it gets categorized?

Another thing to note, if we query. the slashes using the endpoint below
it doesn’t seem to return any useful response. (Try querying cosmosvaloper156gqf9837u7d4c4678yt3rl4ls9c5vuursrrzf which corresponds to the Binance’s validator that was slashed / jailed back in February)

Thanks in advance.

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