Cosmos Validator Slashing History

Hi all,

I’m looking into validators and became curious about the history of 5% slashes for double signing. I can only find one instance of this happening before and am wondering if there have been other instances.

Also, I’m guessing none of the current 100 have been slashed for this before. How realistic of a risk is this?



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Just the one slash.

At this point, the Hub has been live for 9 months. Only one slashing event with 100 continuously live validators. The dataset is too sparse to make great estimates. But still:

I would say this indicates the average validator is running a slashing risk lower than once in 10 years. This means the current generation of DevOps already starts out really great.

If every validator had a once in 10 years slashing risk, we should have seen 10 slashing events in the first year of operation. We just saw the one slashing event in 9 months.