Get Proposer for Round in SDK

Is there any way using which we can get proposer for the next round from tendermint ?
For my use case i need to check the proposer for the next round before sending transaction via broadcast_commit .

cc : @jack (I hope you dont mind me tagging )

you can expect the validator with highest accum has the right to propose the next block. but this validator might be offline at that time, causing change in block proposer.

And from 26657 port, you can find the valudator with highest accum.

By the way, why you need to check the block proposer before sending txs?

Thank you for your help ! Which endpoint could give me accum for a validator or all validators ?
As i said its for a specific use case where proposer needs to send transaction to tendermint and make sure he proposes it .

You can get the accum of all validators from /validators endpoint.