[GWG] Cosmos Hub parameters wiki

As per the deliverables outlined here, I’ve initiated the Cosmos Hub parameter wiki here:

Please take a look and advise if you have any critical feedback :pray:

I’m a fairly new Github user–please do not hesitate to provide feedback, even if it’s not about the substance of the wiki itself.

I’m particularly interested in learning about the potential implications of altering the value of each parameter, which could be a long convo, so feel free to send me a direct message either here on the forum or via Telegram.


Update on the parameter-change wiki (Prop23 deliverable).

This is an example of a nearly-complete wiki page for the Cosmos Hub governance module parameters: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosParametersWiki/blob/master/Governance.md

Feedback welcome!

This is the page for the staking module parameters: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosParametersWiki/blob/master/Staking.md

I’ve made substantial updates to the Parameters Wiki, including incorporating best practices and proposal examples. Would :heart: some feedback! Nitpicking is welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve completed the first version of the Cosmos Hub parameters wiki & best practices: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosParametersWiki

Looking for feedback. Open to any criticism (especially nitpicks) and suggestions! I will be publishing these as a document on IPFS in the coming days.

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As per Cosmos Hub Prop23, here is Cosmos Hub Parameter-Change
Documentation v1.0, which includes the ‘best practices’ and ‘parameter wiki’ documentation (see appendix): https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmW6CKc5yqabh7sYHJziVsSZWqxghfYvWrvR3htCJ3HmGJ

Would love feedback to make improvements!