[GWG] Month 1 Community Call

Hello! I’m looking forward to organizing the first GWG community call. Could be nice to chat by video, if you’re up for it.

My plan is to use Google Hangouts and to make the call available on Youtube. I’m looking for feedback on the date/time:

Date and time: Tuesday, January 28 at 15:00 UTC (7a PT / 10a ET / 4p CET / 12a KST)
Note: I’m stretching things with the west coast and Korea/HK here. Perhaps this? Month 2 meeting we could prioritize Korea/HK (eg. 10:00 UTC), then Month 3 could prioritize the west coast timezone (eg. 17:00 UTC).

I’ve made a simple agenda:

a. Introductions
b. Project updates
c. Open questions / answers
d. Plan next call

Let me know if you think something should be added, removed, or changed. Grateful for any helpful feedback :slight_smile:


Hey all, hosting a brief Month 1 GWG community call on Tu, Jan 28 at 15:00 UTC: http://bit.ly/2t0g2mc

Hoping to bring a few folks together to chat about governance interests: http://bit.ly/30x80xp

Here’s the agenda: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/Month1.2020.md

I imagine that there will be time for questions and answers.

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I am not sure I understand what point 2 is about. If this is specifically about people’s projects, I think it should not be within the scope of the GWG, otherwise we risk spending precious time discussing projects rather than subject at hand.

I think an extensive list of questions already exists and we should go into the meeting with such a list in hand, otherwise we end up discussing what questions to discuss. Some off the top of my head include:

  • What is the role and goal of the Cosmos GWG?
  • What is the right funding mechanism for the group, if any?
  • Sustainability of community fund.
  • How can the GWG be as decentralised and inclusive as possible?
  • Plenty of questions raised by Terence - General questions about the use of Community Pool
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Hey @MatthewSVC, great suggestions! I’ve made agenda revisions to reflect them: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG/blob/master/Month1.2020.md

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I’ve posted the notes from the Month 1 community call in this thread. I’d also like this use this thread for community call discussions going forward.

When the next monthly call?

Hey @kberey, we’re using this topic to discuss going forward: [GWG] Community Calls & Updates