[PROPOSAL ##][DRAFT] Decrease voting period to 7 days

I feel like the Cosmos Hub could move faster. Now that most of proposal are presented here in advance, we could decrease the voting period to 7 days instead of 14. This would energize a bit more governance? Wdyt?


I kinda love the hub’s slower approach tbh-- but since this is a mutable value, I’d be open to trying it, and if we don’t like it, flipping it back to 14.

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Risk here is that increasing the speed of governance may come at the cost of losing thoughtful discussion. If we decrease the voting period, I like the idea of doing that in parallel with @jacobgadikian’s current forum proposal that mandates a fixed pre-discussion period on the forum.


I think that the 14 Day period in place is probably a good approach, we wouldn’t want to rush governance on the Hub imo - gives time to discuss, assess certain risks, and reflect appropriately


Actually I agree with both @uditvira and @Damien and I came up with a notion of coming on the hub fireside chat just before submitting the discussion period Proposal to the chain.

Would you like to join also Damien?

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Sure, would be good to join - just need the details. Thanks Jacob!

Hey, I am not sure what time the fireside chats are. I checked around twitter but couldn’t find it. I usually just join when I see it active. I do think they are on Wednesdays though.

I’ll keep an eye out for it, might be on a flight Wednesday Night CET, but if I’m not I’ll join in and give my opinions.


Fireside chats are 7 PM BST / 2 PM ET. The one on the 7th is going to be primarily for discussing the ICF delegation policy, I think. But @jacobgadikian, @Damien and @anon21388996 we can see about hopping in or setting the topic for the 14th. Feel free to link up with me on TG or Twitter DMs if you want to chat about this - I’m @lexaMichaelides.

With this draft (decrease voting period) and Jacob’s one about mandating the forum, I think it would make sense to coordinate a bit. Personally I think it makes sense to do the forum one first and then the voting period one after if it passes, since it would probably not be good to decrease the voting period if we don’t have a firm sign that we’re all committing to discussing props for longer before they go on-chain!


Thanks for the supplying when the chats happen! Yeah I agree, it would make sense to coordinate a bit - my twitter handle is @damobon feel free to hit me up! - maybe not the best to discuss this during the ICF delegations discussion I think that is a very important discussion for the huband should be the sole focus.

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I think that instead of shorting the voting period we could push for more discussions around governance offchain, we do have the cosmos forum, however, I see that people are more inclined to use commonwealth and even reddit for these discussions

What if we try to encourage discussion on those platforms and see how it goes?

i would increase to 1 month…

14 days for governance is indeed quite a long time. I would be curious though to see how often we need that time before we reach quorum.

I have seen enough proposals on the hub where there was a need for a rally to “push” validators to vote to reach quorum on the hub. If that is still a problem, then I would certainly not make the duration shorter, since no prop will pass anymore, making the situation worse than only having longer times in governance.

I think with the current model of how it is now it is probably a good approach (14 days). Off Chain discussions can start at any time in reality.

I’m not sure I like the approach of having multiple places for discussion, we should advocate for formal discussion to be here and here only (apart from twitter). We need more engagement on this forum still.

How it is right now, most validators take their time to vote on Cosmos Hub proposals so 14 days is better (although if it gets reduced I’m sure they’ll vote in time still).


In order to expand the ecosystem, we need to have a fruitful discussion about the subject matter. The proposals may be completed within 14 days or 7 days depending on their subject.

Happy to test this out and if it is not effective, we turn back to 14 days

So what you’re proposing is a varied proposal duration system depending on the proposal type?

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Have been thinking about this whole ‘testing it out and reverting’ concept. I’m not sure how this would actually work in reality.

Say we actually change it down to 7 Days and want to revert - we as a collective would have half the time rally 40% of validators to vote. Considering historical statistics, even after a 14 day period on average only 50% of the total eligible voters actually vote.

And also, considering in the Top 10 of Vals in the Hub there is 25% of total VP that does not engage / rarely engages in governance it might be a big effort to get the 40% we require for quorum.

Could be wrong, hope i am anyway - wish participation in governance generally picks up.

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