HackAtom RU 2021

HackAtom RU 2021

Huston, we have no problems, and are ready for takeoff!

Cosmonauts and hackers, buckle up and get ready for the Internet of Blockchains.

HackAtom RU 2021 is a Cosmos, IBC-focused hackathon with over prizes $20k USD in ATOMs for the most creative hackers out there. Our space mission will focus on ‘IBC’ing (aka bridging) DeFi into Cosmos!’

IBC is finally here, and we want to see it expanding into every aspect of the blockchain galaxy, starting with the biggest trend in space - DeFi. This means, DeFi infrastructure, such as bridges, cross-chain standards for AMM’s, NFT, DEX’es, etc.

We want to see innovation, and we know you guys have it!

Whether you are new to Cosmos or not, check out the resources tab for documentation and the planned workshops.

Visit our landing page (in the making) for more information and for the full schedule of the event. Join the hackers Telegram group to find teammates and to explore around. And, of course, register for the event and discover the prepared workshops, here, on Devpost.

P.S. We have prepared 2 special prizes for our Hackathon:

  • Each team that enters a completed submission in the Hackathon, will receive a $ 50 gift-card that they can use to buy merchandise in our gift store!

  • Citizen Cosmos will record a special episode as part of their podcast with the 3 winners of the existing categories

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Hackers and cosmonauts,

The demo day for HackAtom RU 2021 was suppose to happen on the 29th of March. However, this day will see the IBC launch party and our team has decided to give people the opportunity to visit both events and give hackers a bit more time to submit their projects.

  • All hackatom submissions are now due in until the 28th of March 2021 at 23.45pm MSC time (26th of March previously)
  • The demo day will happen on the 31st of March
  • The closing ceremony and winner announcement will happen on the 2nd of April

Info about demo day and closing ceremony will be further provided here and on our communication channels.

Please find all relevant info about the HackAtom at the same place where you will need to submit your projects, on Devpost: https://hackatom-ru.devpost.com/

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