Help to create open-source dashboard and you will get a reward!

Hello, community!

Friends, we need your help!
We don’t need any funds, we need links!

We are group of developers and enthusiasts, that create tools on Cosmos SDK for all Cosmos Ecosystem community.

Now we want to create an open-source rewards-dashboard - a service that will allow you to receive information about all your addresses and rewards in all popular Networks from the Cosmos Ecosystem.
Users will add addresses, and then see what they have, which assets are delegated, which assets in pools, how much reward they will get, and so on… All of it will be at one page!

One small problem: Developer, who will create this dashboard is blind.
His name is Denis Skripnik, and his english language not really good.
It is difficult for him to find information by himself.

At the past I was helping to Denis Skripnik to find an information in english, and after I translated it into russian.

But unfortunately, I was banned in the Discord of Cosmos for no reason, and I have no possibility to communicate with the developers of the Cosmos, to get important information.
I wrote questions to the GitHub of Cosmos, but no one answers there…
I asked Denis Fadeev (he is russian-speaker developer of Tendermint) to help Denis Skripnik, but Denis Fadeev replied that: “It’s all very cool, but technical support works in Discord, not in personal messages in TG. Thanks.”

And I banned in Discord, and for Denis Skripnik is very hard to use Discord, as he is blind, and don’t know english language on a good level.

In general, we haven’t any other solution, but to pay people to find the information that we need!
So, help us to create an open source dashboard that will be useful for all of us!

How to help and to earn:

Send a message to Telegram: Contact @blind_dev_chat with links to APIs of different blockchains from the Cosmos Ecosystem, from where we can get a list of rewards for the last 24 hours, information about balances, rewards for staking, or for providing liquidity to pools.
All of it is open information, we just need to know from where to get this information to show it in dashboard.
Code will be published at GitHub.

As an example:[date]=DESC

Reward for a every working API link - $4 (in crypto)
If you will send us link, that was already sent - we will not give a reward.

Deadline: before the completing the creation of the dashboard.

Preliminary list of blockchains:
Cosmos, Osmosis, Secret Network, Akash,, Starname, Sifchain, Certik, Persistence, Sentinel, Kava,, Juno, LikeCoin, Terra…
All you can find in Cosmostation and Keplr Wallet, and of course more!

If you want to send any other information together with link, please, translate it into russian, or send english version to Telegram: Contact @antropocosmist before, and I will translate it into russian language for Denis.