Here are the reasons why we chose Cosmos SDK, not Ethereum

First, explaining the current problems Ethereum has in terms of upgradability and scalability, and then comparing to cosmos its approach.
The security and functionality of communication between other chains, is also the part that Cosmos SDK has mostly focused on!
Cosmos was actually created with the purpose of enabling communication between different blockchains. This function is called IBC.
At last we explain IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) and the future that
ignite holds.
IBC standard aims to enable most of functions that can be done on a single chain, like from sending and receiving tokens like ERC20 to sending and receiving NFTs like ERC721 as well.
There are many advantages of making a product as ASBC, and especially using Cosmos SDK!
You can even benefit from the additional functions by upgrading Cosmos SDK itself
Especially for UnUniFi, the NFT module, which is one of the latest Upgrade compatible functions, and Shared Security beyond that will play a very important role in the Blockchain space

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