Is the cosmos-hub code with inter blockchain communication available on any branch

I searched (may be not enough) for the IBC code but couldn’t find it. I can only see documentation here.
Can anyone help me with this.
Also is there any roadmap on when the cosmos hub main-net will include inter-blockchain communication. I was interested in a project with multiple chains integrated.

Not yet, but feel free to check out the spec (at the link you already mentioned) and ask any questions!

I’m not sure why this isn’t answered more clearly since I only had to briefly look again at the readme to see that gaia is the first implementation of the hub.

Quite handy since I just forked it and intended to build from it. I have a deep fascination with chaos theory and topology (blockchain was a natural thing for me to become interested in since it deals with both subjects). So my answer based on what I see is that you just need to fork Gaia, do some reading of the code, it contains all the basic stuff.

By the way, if you read the WP you will learn that it is intended that there be more than one tier to cosmos blockchains so in fact, unless you mean for your application to be a leaf instead of a node, you probably want to build it on the base of Gaia also.

links for ICS2, ICS3, ICS4 are broken on github

Oh no! Can you link me to the links, and I will endeavor to re-link them?

Work in progress happening here

I have fixed the links in this PR - - which will be merged soonish.

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thank you so much for update


Good Evening

I want to know more about IBC protocol. I want to be contributor in IBC specs.

May you please help me to better understand the IBC and its implementation.

I will be grateful to you.

Himank Gupta