How to create own app in ledger live like that of Cosmos App in ledger Nano S

we are creating a new chain with customized address and customized token i.e it is not starting with cosmos (cosmos address is of type “cosmos1x6nzt8zn3u5e7veyhewzm880dkadexf4xh6m43”) its in the format “XYZ1x6nzt8zn3u5e7veyhewzm880dkadexf4xh6m43”.How can i use ledger nano S to sign a transaction .Do i have to create a separate app like that of cosmos in ledger live and install it into ledger nano or cosmos app is suffiient to support my address and signing of transactions.

If you only change the address prefix then you can use the existing cosmos ledger app. It supports new msg types as well.