Attention: Ledger Cosmos App users


Since the app name changed recently (from COSMOS to Cosmos), this has unexpected consequences when you try to update or uninstall the old version.

For now, both versions, COSMOS 1.1.1 and Cosmos 1.5.0, are available for installation/uninstallation on Ledger Live Manager.

Once the app is switched to public mode, however, only Cosmos 1.5.0 will work. The only option for you if you wish to update your app from v1.1.1 (and older) will be to reset your device completley and restore it.

To all those experiencing issues uninstalling COSMOS app v1.1.1 or older, please make sure to click the uninstall button in Ledger Live Manager for version v1.1.1 (it should be visible now, if not, please restart Ledger Live).

The new version Cosmos 1.5.0 has a different name (Cosmos instead of COSMOS) which is what’s breaking the uninstallation phase.


A bit confused. I have v 1.1.1 installed on my Ledger device. And I downloaded v1.5.0 as well. How do I pull this off without having to initialize the Nano S (would rather not do that)? Or are you saying that’s not possible? Thanks


Withdrawal failed: TypeError: n.appInfo is not a function.

Getting this when using Lunie


How did you get on , you have to reset ?


CLI with Cosmos 1.5 app gives: ERROR: ledger nano S: no ledger connected


This is what I’ve done so far:
-Updated firmware on Nano S
-Added the new Cosmos app on Nano S (v 1.5)
-Tried to log into using the new app (v 1.5) and it gives an error message “AppInfo is not a function” - WTF?

Now running both versions of the app on my Nano S, and don’t know what to do

Devs / admins, please help


On the Ledger side, you can’t install 1.5.0 without having first reinitialized Nano S.

As for Lunie, we’ll need to ping the team.


Here is a quick update on this issue:

  • Ledger Live is not upgrading properly from v1.1.1 to v1.5 due to slightly different naming.
  • At the moment, it is possible to install both apps side by side (at the same time).
  • As shown in the picture below, it is also possible to uninstall them independently.
  • Our recommendation is that you uninstall v1.1.1 and install v1.5
  • Uninstalling the apps does not affect your keys. They are actually linked to the device mnemonic.


Hi @azulmarino, could you open an issue here?

Please include the gaiacli version you are using:

gaiacli version

Turned out to be a non issue as a reboot of my MacBook resolved the problem with the gaiacli 0.34.1


is there any difference between COSMOS 1.1.1 and Cosmos 1.5.0 ?