How to made a regular backup from the Cosmos node

when the blockchain is growing and doesn’t want to losses time sync from scratch; need to have a backup from this folder (data) the steps are the following.

Need STOP gaiad first.

cd .gaiad

tar -czvf data.tar.gz data

Now have a Backup file


when do a new backup file just need to delete this file (data.tar.gz) and create a new one again, repeat the steps to create.

if you need using the backup file someday

cd .gaiad

rm -rf data

tar -xzf data.tar.gz

start gaiad

have to start since the last block in the backup file.

always is good have a regular backup file today in case need tomorrow.

*Note: if not work, just tell me what step and what error. ty


Are you sure we can remove ./gaiad/data after backup.

if so , then how can we restore from hundreds daily backup?

No need to lock write on DB for integrity ?!

Are you sure we can remove ./gaiad/data after backup.

where i said that?

no works my steps? are you saying you try and dont work?

It’s query, quid of DB integrity if gaiad write on DB between the tar running, the DB it’s corrupted ?
for me this procedure it’s safe only if gaiad it’s down.

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of course have to be gaiad stop. just added to the steps.

Best solution it’s find solution for freeze state of DB for live backup, but not information for that

Sorry, I mis-understanded . I thought the regular backup is a daily increment backup.

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no need sorry, each new file replaces the previous one. I am here for suggestions. ty.