Sync from a Snapshot

I understand that the cosmos team plans to upload snapshots to speed the sync process. @jack or @adrian how about adding the snapshot links to this topic?

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i did a second snapshot at block 24096!yuhBVQ5J!uVmAxxpiOkn5qy1I2cuCRaIuY626sQVUT7lvXfuVDSc

Here is a single command wget && unzip && rm -r $HOME/.gaiad/data && mv data $HOME/.gaiad/ to download and put it into the correct folder. This snapshot gets you until 21,000.


Snapshot production of chain data from the own node is a good prevention against certain failures that lead to downtime. In case of a messed up data directory a recent snapshot can be taken from a backup resource, and thereby time intensive syncing from scratch can be avoided, in particular when the blockchain has grown to considerable size.

Maybe we can get confirmation that a simple cp job of the .gaiad/data/ directory on the server on a running node is a valid operation, ie. the node does not need to be stopped and the resulting copy of the data directory actually is a true snapshot.

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I have successfully used snapshots of the drive storing the ~/data directory on GCP to build new nodes. I have no stopped the server before taking the snapshot.

I haven’t tried doing cp or any other OS level file copy operation with blockchain data.

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Did you copy all the data inside ~/.gaiad/data/ directory and paste them to new node ?