How to understand loose tokens?

in 7001, it’s stated

"stake": {
      "pool": {
        "loose_tokens": "16050",
        "bonded_tokens": "0",
        "inflation_last_time": "0",
        "inflation": "7/100",
        "date_last_commission_reset": "0",
        "prev_bonded_shares": "0"

the number is very confusing.
Could anyone explain the amount of “loose_tokens”? Thanks in advance

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Loose tokens are just any and all tokens which are NOT bonded - this means that loose tokens include unbonded validators (aka. “out of the top 100”), unbonding delegations, unbonding validators etc.

At genesis everything should start as loose tokens (even if it’s associated with a validator), and the first thing to do during initialization is determine who the bonded validators are (“the top 100”) at which point all tokens associated with them will move to the bonded state…

Does that make sense?