I transferred 31 atom to binance


i transferred from hotbit exchange to binance the address and memo i cut and pest the memo and address wrongly is as below and no transaction hash created and till i have not received 31.227 atom to binance address.

i do not how can i recover or where to write so pl help me.

tamal dutt

Congratulations! Your withdrawal transaction is successful

Dear tamaldutt71@gmail.com:

Your withdrawal transaction has been conducted successfully:

Withdrawal Time: 2020-05-30 07:25:59Z

Withdrawal Amount: 31.2277 ATOM

Receiving Address: cosmos15v50ymp6n5dn73erkqtmq0u8adpl8d3ujv2e74:102146923

Withdraw Fee: 0.22 ATOM

Actual amount received: 31.0077 ATOM
From: Hotbit Team

I would suggest to contact binance and hotbit help desks