ATOM Token Stolen via Binance

Hey there,

today I wanted to buy some ATOM on Binance and send them to my account on my Keplr-Wallet.

I bought about 24.94 ATOM for 249,00 Euro.

Then I wanted to withdraw to my Keplr-Account which is as follows:


Then I double checked the adress and verfied the transaction.

After withdrawal succeeded I saw no ATOM on my wallet.
Then I contacted the support of Binance and after 1 hour they said me that a virus/trojan/or malware has affected my computer. So when I try to copy my wallet adress from Keplr and put it in, it automatically changes the adress to another which is as follows:


Maybe the Developers or Admins can help me to get my ATOM back, but what I want most is to block or freeze this adress on the chain, because it’s a scammer/hacker adress: …7nfw2

If you need further information about this case please do not hesitate to contact me

I also can provide the TX-Hash and other Screenshots

yours sincerely,

Imdat Dalga

I am sorry to hear about this case. I don’t know enough about it to be of much assistance, though it’s not possible to freeze an address on-chain. My only piece of advice would be to be careful about scammers. People will likely request sensitive information from you, don’t send it to them unless you can confirm they are a mod or admin.

Wishing you the best of luck getting your funds back.

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