IBC GAS fee only uses Atom

Someone said before that ATOM should be used as the IBC GAS fee by default.
But I think it should not be the default, but the only one
Otherwise, all altcoins can be used as IBC GAS fees.

The representative of IBC is Cosmos hub

The gas fee should not be a default, but a unique one! Because this is the only opportunity to significantly increase ATOM adoption!

General chains send, using their tokens as transaction fees, for example, STRD chain sends to STRD chain

STRD chain > STRD chain requires STRD gas fee
CRO chain >CRO chain requires CRO gas fee

When STRD wants to send IBC on the chain, it needs to use ATOM as the cross-chain transaction fee. It is very reasonable.

STRD chain > DYM chain Cross-chain requires ATOM gas fee
CRO chain > STRD chain Cross-chain requires ATOM gas fee
DYM chain > CRO chain Cross-chain requires ATOM gas fee

If IBC cross-chain does not use ATOM for gas fees, then what is the meaning of ATOM’s existence?
The functions of ATOM are only voting, rewards and a small amount of transmission.

IBC transaction fees should only use ATOM, I believe this is the best

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