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About IcyCRO.org

IcyCRO is an unique community validator project started on Crypto.org / Cronos in August 2021. Our aim is to help the network, delegators and other validators.

Our own validators are always high level bare metal servers aiming for 99.99%+ uptime and we are IBC relaying on many networks also (CRO, ATOM, JUNO and OSMO).

Validator boosters events

Project started in summer of 2021 as CRO had a ranking system for validators that allowed people with a large enough bankroll to launch multiple validators which led to a situation where only scam groups could launch new validators (fees changing daily from 0% to 80% and changing names also).

Our solution to this situation was creating IcyCRO.org, which is a kind of DAO to combine community delegations in booster events, which allowed good validators to join. We reward the people who help with ICY tokens. This far our booster events have helped 10 validators to join CRO.

Delegator rescues

It started accidentally when one of our delegators had accidentally given his seed phrase to a fake site and the scammer got access to his wallet. Luckily 100k CRO was delegated so it takes 28 days to undelegate them. Delegator asked our help and we made a script that could be used on sentries to immediately transfer the funds to a safe wallet when undelegation was done. This operation ended happily and all funds were saved.

Since then we and our partners have rescued funds of 30+ delegators saving at least $200k of funds. Some other validators have used our scripts in similar situations also.

This is a free service we have on CRO, ATOM and JUNO. For other networks we direct the victims to our partners.


We had quite an ambitious roadmap for the project. ICY token launch on Cronos, huge jackpots for ICY stakers, NFT game, expansion to Cosmos. In summer of 2022 we noticed we had completed our roadmap as the last missing thing was the ATOM validator.

No further expansions are planned and we concentrate on our current projects.


We have a six person team and you can find the details from:

Our Contributions

  • Delegation rescue scripts:
    (not shared for the public as both sides can use it).

  • Improved backend for ECO Stake’s automatic claiming-and-restake app REStake for CRO:
    GitHub - zanglang/restake.sh

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Super impressed by the delegator rescue. Bravo!