Ideation: Hub governance spam (initial idea abandoned)

Validator sponsorship is a good start. One idea to get the proposal to voting period, deposits must come from an active validator wallet.

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Hi, I’d like to single out @mintscan for some praise here.

They’re now filtering out proposals that have >90% NWV, and this reduces the incentive to spam/scam.

As soon as the upgrade has completed, Notional and Informal will be looking into additional ways to ensure that there is less visiblity to these scam props.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback here.


If somehow we didn’t notice if there was a spam proposal to vote or we just did not vote at all, would it be interpreted as we don’t participate in governance? Since as validators, participation in governance is important. Thanks.

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Auto-adjust the deposit amounts to target a desired amortized rate.


Quite possibly.

I should say that I no longer favor the solutions here, I’m good to discuss ideas in your thread. Mine is a bit more manual than yours.

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