[IDEATION] Community Pool Funding via Delegations

Hello community ! Today we wanted to share with you another piece of ideation research that we had on the topic of community funding and how this could have some potentially interesting other usecases along with the existing ones (through the AADAO and throught direct on-chain proposal). We explored the technical feasibility and economics that could be at play if we used the community pool to fund activity though validator delegations. Of course targeting those validators who build and support Hub beneficial code.

To be honest it is quite and old document, and regarding the forthcoming tokenomics revamp, some of the economic projections may need to be updated. Still we thought this would be stupid to keep these research for ourselves. If the community has interest in this topic we will be pleased to update those numbers !

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delegation from CP is not possible yet, right?
(available with sdk0.47 if i’m not wrong)

@Govmos I personally think -since you post this here- it would be better to be updated.
But I’m not sure the community is interested about that, these days.
Nevertheless, I find it interesting…

Well it turns out that the model has caught someone’s interest. This was outside the scope of the initial set of potential usecases described in the document. But still, I found it really interesting in the other context. I’ll remain voluntarily vague on that for the moment. I’ll wait to see the future tokenomics update before updating the excel sheet and releasing it for everyone to play with; Anyway thx for the feedback !

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We always use forecasting models. There’s no doubt this function will be available in the future.
Of course I understand that some people care about the present time and current matters, this isn’t what we do with this ideation threads, we try to be ahead of our time and explore ideas. Hoping that this would resonate into some people and let them create something new !

Given that it’s an older document and considering the forthcoming tokenomics revamp, updating the economic projections is a prudent step. Keeping the community informed and engaged in these discussions is essential for transparency and collaboration.