Initializing the blockchain... Killed on starport network chain create

I am trying to create a new network with starport with the default blockchain code sourced from

When I hit the command below,

starport network chain create customchain 

I get the following messages.
:heavy_check_mark: Source code fetched
◥ Initializing the blockchain… Killed

Can anyone lead me to a solution here? Thanks a lot.

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Cannot reproduce. Can you, please, create an issue describing the environment in which you executed the command. That would really help us to debug the problem.

Also, for anyone reading this. Please, consider using Discord instead of this forum for questions: (we don’t have the bandwidth to monitor both, but we’re very active on Discord)

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Hey there. Just figured out what was wrong. I was running a

starport serve

in the same VM while trying to deploy the chain on the network. So it was being killed by the former process. Thanks a lot Denis!

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