Help me to init my chain... "lcnemint"

We, LCNEM, Inc. is a company from Japan who issuing stable coin.
We are creating a blockchain for issuing stable coin with tendermint and cosmos sdk.


  • x/auth
  • x/bank
  • x/params
  • x/staking
  • x/gov
  • x/ibc

But we are in front of these matters…

About seed node

When I init seed nodes and then access to them, I’ve got an error below.

E[2019-03-19|20:03:15.947] Connection failed @ recvRoutine (reading byte) module=p2p peer=05f092d60ecb37f0d39c078e45c018352c26d26d@ conn=MConn{} err=EOF

How can I solve it?

About self-delegation

This is genesis.json for our testnet.

I executed a command below

$ lcnemintcli staking create-validator --amount=1000stake --moniker=lcnem --pubkey=cosmosvalconspub1addwnpepqt0u4vjv3eu47njghrzfklmk6yr6e8a4kfu87znkj7zypqjsu6mtxkmq4n6

Then I’ve got an error below

ERROR: must specify all validator commission parameters

It seems that

gaia uses gentx command instead of create-validator command.

But gentx command is not supported by sdk. It is an self implementation of gaia.
What I should do to solve?

Please help me…

We seems to be one of pioneer of cosmos sdk user in Japan, so we are willing to promote this technology in Japan.

I have the same problem but i use Nameservice App it’s already on github .
Did you resolve this problem ???