Large relayer wishes to validate gaia

Hi so the fact the matter is that all the sudden I believe that I have become one of Gaia’s top relayers.

Have a lookie-loo:

So since I am one of Gaia’s top relayers, I think that I am going to set up a validator.

It’ll be called notional, and I guess I’m just going to do it now. It should be noted that at present, I am donating several atoms per day by relaying. I don’t really mind, but due to the lack of incentives, I think that it makes sense to throw my head in the ring as a validator.

I will post the valoper address for people who would like to support such a validator. Furthermore, my valuator and my relayer are both running on bare metal, fully in my possession, not even in a datacenter. The design for the setup can be found here, and I uploaded a teaser, too:

Basically delegations to the notional validator helps to fund the design that you see in this image, where multiple residential Internet connections are used to validate, with sentries, that have no significant keys, in the cloud.

I believe that this design is less stable, but far more secure.

PS: Is there any data view of like % of total ibc txns on gaia?

Here’s the create validator tx:

I am curious if there are folks interested in validators that run at the edge of the network and do (I don’t know the total but I bet I’m a lot) significant % of relaying.


-Jacob @ notional

Here’s hermes, doing his god of speed thing.